The Poco X3 NFC Has FPS Drop Issues

The Poco X3 NFC has positioned itself on the market as one of the best phones that you can buy today for just over 200 euros. It has a good processor, a good screen, an interesting camera and a battery that stands out above the average. However, as with almost all new phones that land on the market, it is not exempt from the odd “little problem”.

Poco X3 NFC Has FPS Drop Issues

Reviewing reddit , one of the main meeting forums for users who find bugs and errors in their mobiles, we have seen how more and more users of the Xiaomi mid-range are encountering an uncomfortable problem that appears when playing a game , precisely one of the main strengths of the smartphone. In this case it seems that there is some controversy with the treatment of SPF .

FPS drop on Poco X3 NFC

In the forum, there are several users who complain of experiencing random drops in FPS preventing the games from developing correctly:

Not experiencing a random drop in FPS while gaming? I found it very obvious specifically when playing Shadowverse and COD.

I tried to optimize things, but also the same problem on my part. Makes a great random fps drop especially in my Shadowverse app.

I have the same problem at 120 and 60hz, I just hope it is a software bug because there really is a big fps drop especially in Shadowverse and COD when animations are played.

Apparently the problem could be found in the treatment of the dynamic refresh rate that Xiaomi mobile boasts, which is too “aggressive”. Since the screen has a “dynamic” refresh rate of 120Hz, the phone greatly reduces the screen frequency during different tasks to 60Hz, 50Hz and 30Hz etc… to save battery life. The problem is that the software leaves the feeling that with just 1 second without touch input on the screen, it automatically locks the refresh rate to save battery life.

Here you can see how this problem is reproduced:

As you can see, the phone switches too many times between 30Hz and 120Hz and creates a rather uncomfortable lag effect for the user’s eye. Not even the Game turbo mode, special to boost gaming performance, has a solution to this Xiaomi problem .

Users cannot do more than wait for an MIUI update that allows, at the expense of sacrificing the Poco X3 NFC’s battery , to force 120 Hz all the time or that at least allows assigning that certain applications (especially games) can be run to the maximum refresh rate permanently.