Cheap Tripods for SLR Cameras: Features and Recommendations

Taking photos when you go on a trip, and especially on vacation, is something very common. Finding options to improve the results of the images that are obtained is something that is always kept in mind and, among the possibilities that exist, using a tripod for your SLR camera that is compatible is one of the best things that can be done.

The results of your photographs will be clearly better with the use of this type of product and, therefore, it is something that should be carried in the suitcase if it is possible to leave a space, something that you will do once you discover its benefits .

Cheap Tripods for SLR Cameras

Two types of models

As far as the tripod itself is concerned, there are two types of product that have a different use in each case, but that undoubtedly have a usefulness that is beyond doubt. These are the possibilities that you will find in the market today:

  • Small travel model: these models have short legs and, therefore, have small dimensions that allow great mobility. There are options that are flexible and others are more fixed and, the truth is that they are ideal to carry them in the backpack from one side to the other.
  • Traditional model : the legs of these tripods are longer since, among other things, they can be deployed in a simple way (allowing an adjustment of some that is very convenient). They are the ones that offer thread for the adapters and have a somewhat more professional use and are usually made of aluminum so that the weight is as low as possible. As they come with a carrying bag, they can be carried on the shoulder without difficulty. Ideally, the height of these options should be at least one meter, as this opens up a good field of vision.

Summary of key points

  • Legs: they should be able to be placed in various positions to adapt well to any type of terrain. It is important that the end of the legs be made of rubber so that it does not slip , in addition that under the rubber there are spikes to be able to nail it to the ground in situations where the rubber does not help.
  • Stability: Some models have a hook on the central bar to hang weight, it is an important aspect if the tripod is not very robust.
  • Size : Take note of how long the folded tripod is and the maximum and minimum height you can place your camera at.
  • Tripods with adjustable sections: the more sections you have, the smaller it will remain once folded, although it will lose stability. It is recommended that they have 3 sections for a sturdy tripod and 5 for a travel one.
  • Carrying bag: it is important and in many models it is sold separately.
  • Central part : it can be fixed or rotate on itself to leave the camera flush with the ground. Depending on the photography you want to practice, you should choose one model or another.
  • Weight: the greater the weight, the greater the stability, but the less ergonomics. See how much weight it supports and if it can handle the weight of your camera and the heaviest lens you have.

Best Recommended Options


This tripod has 3 adjustable snap locks that allow it to extend from a minimum of 16 inches to a height of 55 inches. The adjustable function makes it easy to achieve reliable stability and get the correct score.



The height-adjustable tripod makes it easy to achieve the necessary stability and the right angle when looking for that prize shot. It is a practical and attractive accessory for both novice and professional photographers, it is compatible with a wide range of digital, video and photo cameras, and includes a lot of user-friendly features.

Trípode AmazonBasics

Hama Star 05

The Hama Star 05 tripod is a tripod for photo / video cameras with a weight of 520 g, a maximum load of 2.5 Kg and with a min./max height: 36.5 / 106.5cm. It is available with the function quick shoe and includes a carrying bag.

Trípode Hama Star 05

K&F Concept

The professional camera tripod can be folded 180 ° to form a compact size of 46cm, you can easily take it anywhere for outdoor photography or in the small place.

The heavy ball head can be rotated 360 °, so you can shoot the perfect photo from any angle. The extendable and reversible center column makes you realize that low angle shooting, macro shooting and special photography meet your various photography needs.

Trípode K&F Concept


The lightweight tripod for SLR camera: The tripod tube with 4 sections; Folded height is only 50CM; Maximum height (without central column) is 146.5CM and a weight of 1.4kg, lighter than 4 beverage cans. Each of the legs with clip closures, allow you to vary the height of the tripod quickly and efficiently and satisfy your photographic urgent situations.

Trípode Andoer


Each leg of the tripod is made of a high quality aluminum alloy, reaching loads of up to 5kg. In addition, the central column is provided with a hook that allows to hang counterweights to increase stability by lowering the center of gravity. With only 1.35KG of weight and a handle to facilitate its grip, it makes it a perfect ally on trips or getaways in nature.

Trípode ESDDI


This tripod is made of good quality aluminum alloy, very light, maximum load weight of 4.50Kg. It has 360 degree horizontal, 270 degree vertical and lateral support for photography and video.

Trípode Phinistec

K&F Concept S210

Designed of metal, it is very strong and durable, which can support long lens reflex camera. Plus, the 360 ° dial can be easily arranged by zooming in on the pan scale, so you can shoot the perfect photo from any angle.

Trípode K&F Concept S210


The maximum height of the Endurax camera tripod is up to 167cm, 4 sections of aluminum alloy legs allow adjusting the working height from 38 to 167cm, the flip lock design makes it easy to use and set up in seconds, adapt different shooting environments and photographic needs.

Trípode Endurax