Realme: How to Fix SIM Card Problems

Realme mobiles are relatively new, since their landing in Spain took place at the end of 2019. However, this does not mean that problems of all kinds cannot appear , including those related to the SIM card . With more reason if possible in this case, since this piece of plastic, essential to be communicated, can sometimes be a real headache.

Realme: How to Fix SIM Card Problems

The problems with the SIM card or at least the causes, can be several. However, when this happens, the most common is that our Realme does not detect the card . This means that it will not even ask us for the PIN or and therefore, it will not establish a connection with the mobile network of our operator.

Why the SIM card doesn’t work

The problem with SIM cards is something that the brands themselves assume, and for that very reason, to avoid thinking that it is a failure of the terminal itself, Realme also makes clear some possible solutions to try to fix these failures.

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Use correct SIM

Realme terminals work with standard nano-SIM cards . You should not use a non-standard SIM or cut the card manually. These cuts can make the SIM unrecognizable by the device or even damage the internal reader. It is therefore recommended to use the SIM supplied by the operator.

Clean the card

A SIM with a long time of use can accumulate certain dirt that makes it difficult for the device to read . In this case we will have to clean the surface of the chip with alcohol. If when re-inserting it correctly it is not detected, we may need a new one.

SIM card activated

This adjustment must be made within the terminal’s own settings, going to Settings / SIM card / Activate. We will have to make sure that the switch is activated, since otherwise the mobile will have the order not to read the SIM.

Check tray and position

Our Realme mobile comes with a manual that indicates the correct position of the SIM card. It is common to place it in the wrong way, so the device will not be able to recognize it. We can also try to remove the SD card and place only the SIM to see if it is recognized.

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The insertion method

The way in which we introduce the SIM and how is also important. That is, Realme recommends that the card be inserted into the device when it is turned off. So if it is on, we press the power button and click on turn off. Now we insert the SIM card, turn on the terminal and try again.

The ultimate test

The definitive diagnosis is to insert the same SIM card in another mobile . If this is identified, the problem will be in our terminal, and quite possibly in the card slot, which may have been damaged. In this case, we will only have to request technical assistance to carry out the corresponding repair.