Buy a PlayStation 4 and Accessories with Great Discount

Playing-with-PS4-It is possible that this Christmas you will have the desire to get a PlayStation 4 . If so, an offer that is now available in the Amazon online store allows you to save a good amount of money to get a Sony console. And, in addition, there are also several official accessories that with interesting discounts.

The product model we are talking about is the one that includes 1 TB of storage space inside and the Slim version, so it has the virtue of taking up little space in the living room or room furniture. Other options offered by this device is that it offers compatibility with HDR image technology so, if you have a Smart TV that allows this, the quality of what you see on the screen when playing is excellent (something that is even appreciated with first person action titles or graphic adventures). Nor does it lack the possibility of using Virtual Reality content.

Consola PlayStation 4 con juego FIFA

One of the things that attract the attention of the PlayStation 4 that is on offer, with no less than a 21% discount, is that gifts are included to enjoy in the FIFA 2020 game, such as three icons for five games (provided ) Y. also, a gold envelope is acquired where they will find unusual players. Next, we leave the link for you to buy this console with discount on Amazon:

Accessories for PlayStation 4 available on sale

If you want to take advantage of the Sony console in the best possible way, it is not a bad idea that from the minute you have accessories that allow you to achieve this. And, if possible, buy it at a discount, so much better. We show several that are official and, therefore, ensure complete compatibility and, therefore, it is certain that everything works perfectly with them:

Sony PSN Plus – Card for 365

Nothing better than to start with access to the Sony company game service from the first moment you have a console of the Asian firm. When you buy this card you get a digital code that is entered on the home page of the service and you can enjoy everything that exists for a year paying 12% less, which is not a small thing since the available titles are always of quality .

Sony PSN Plus - Tarjeta para 365 de Sony

Seagate 2TB

If the space you have on the console falls short, nothing better than using an external disk that is specifically created by Seagate for the PS4. The model that has a discount of 14% is the one that includes 2 TB of capacity, so it gives for many games and videos, always connected in a USB port of the product of the Japanese company. One of the great virtues of this accessory for PlayStation 4 is that it takes up little space, since its design is minimalist.

Disco externo Seagate 2TB para PS4

PS4 Dualshock 4

It is not at all to be done with an additional command when you come home views do not have to bring yours. This is the second version of the device we are talking about, which is completely official and therefore it does not lack the small front panel and response to movement with vibration so that realism is as complete as possible. Obviously, the connectivity is wireless, so you do not have ties and what you save with respect to the original price is 5%.

Mando PS4 Dualshock 4 de color azul

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 charging station

The most current controls for the Sony console include a rechargeable battery that, so that it is always available to play, must be maintained with power. This is what allows this base on which it is possible to place up to two devices at once. It does not lack an information LED to know exactly how the processes are going, and the legs that are integrated are non-slip, so it can be placed even on top of glass. The saving is 10%.

Estación de carga PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 de color negro

Logitech G29 Driving Force

This is an accessory that is perfect for those who like driving games, because it allows you to fully enjoy the experience transmitted by the Sony console. The set includes both steering wheel and pedals, so everything is available so that you can take advantage of the last corner. It includes Force Feedback technology so that the usual driving forces are present and that the realisms are the maximum possible. Your discount right now is nothing less than 45%.

Accesorio Logitech G29 Driving Force para PlayStation 4