The Best Applications to Create Presentations 2020

Virtually in any field it is necessary to make a presentation for our clients, colleagues, teachers, etc. In this sense, the tool par excellence is Microsoft PowerPoint, however, in addition to being a payment tool, the truth is that there are many other applications with which we can create modern and professional presentations.

Now, there are many details that we have to take into account when choosing a good tool, therefore, we will have to know our needs well and check what each of them offers us. With the right software, the following will be very clear about the type of presentation we want to make and take into account a series of recommendations so that the result is the best possible.

The Best Applications to Create  Presentations


It is one of the great revelations when we talk about this type of software. The possibility of creating really modern and striking designs quickly and easily makes Prezi chosen by many of the users who are looking for a tool to create presentations. Of course, in the beginning it can be something complex to handle.

PRezi - Crear presentaciones

It is an online presentation tool that we can also download for offline use, although we will have to have a Prezi license for it. All text, images, videos and objects are placed on an infinite canvas that allows you to create a non-linear presentation and on which you can zoom in a visual map. Although it is paid, we can try it for 14 days for free. Go to Prezi .

A web tool that offers a virtual presentation service similar to Prezi. Now, has a more advanced design and features while it is easier to handle.

Generally - Crear presentaciones

It is available in a paid version and a free version with which we can create really striking presentations and that later, we can send or share by email. It allows to create infographics, postcards, posters, microsites, etc. Now, the free version offers has limited use. Go to .


For those who did not know, Sway is a free presentation software from Microsoft that has a lot of default templates and presentations. Therefore, if we do not want to complicate much, we can use any of them and put our text, images or even videos quickly and easily.

With the design that we like the most, we only need to design each slide. For this, Sway offers a lot of editing and retouching tools. Very useful for all types of presentations, both walking at home and professionals. Download Sway from the Microsoft Store.


This is a rather curious proposal, since Slidebean is able to transform a digital file, PDF, PowerPoint, among others, into a really attractive presentation. For this, it relies on artificial intelligence.

To start using this curious tool, just sign up or identify with a Google or Facebook account. Then, we can choose if we want to use any of the templates that the service has, create one from scratch or hire the Slidebean team to modify an existing presentation. Go to Slidebean .


It is a great tool that allows us to create a kind of video from our presentations. That is, from a Powerpoint we can add voice that explains each of the slides so that, as the presentation is reproduced, we will tell what we want in each of them.

To do this, the first thing we have to do is go to Knovio, upload our presentation and once there, we select the language, voice and text that we want to say on each of the slides. Go to Knovio .


Designed for those who want or need to create attractive presentations but do not have any experience, since it has a really simple interface to understand and manage. It is an online tool, so it is possible to create a presentation wherever we are, since we can do it from the browser itself.

It has a good number of templates that we can use by default to simply change the text and certain images and have a really attractive presentation. Go to the Emaze website to try the tool.


How could it be otherwise, the Microsoft Office tool could not be missing in this compilation. This is the application designed by Microsoft to create presentations within its office suite. There are a lot of predefined templates to create our presentation, it is even possible to download a lot of designs on the Internet. You’ll be able to find different varieties of templates, from professional timeline templates to party-themed templates.

Popwerpoint - crear presentaciones

If we prefer, we can also create our own designs with all the elements that PowerPoint offers us to achieve a more striking and personalized result. It is undoubtedly the most popular and used software worldwide to create presentations since many Windows computers have Office installed by default.


Canva is another popular tool for designing and creating presentations, infographics, posters, business cards, etc. It offers a good number of modern and elegant templates so that we can create our presentations from them quickly, since it has numerous tools to add text, images, change the distribution of the elements of the slides, etc. Go to the Canva website .

Canva - crear presentaciones


Visme is another very complete web application to design presentations of all kinds. It has a large number of elements that we can use in our designs, including the possibility of inserting videos from YouTube or Vimeo and offers access to a lot of free images ready to use.

It also has the option to add text and animated images and offers a good catalog of templates for us to create our presentations from them. To start using Visme, all we have to do is create a free account or identify with our Google or Facebook account.

Google Slides

Although it is not one of the most popular Google services, we cannot miss the option of mentioning Google Slides or Google Presentations. A free online tool widely used in the educational environment and that allows us to create, as its name implies, slides or slides to form a presentation.

Google Slides - crear presentaciones

It has numerous themes to give a quick design to our slides and all kinds of tools to add the elements that we need in our design. This saves you time and effort when creating your presentation. Go to Google Presentations.

Recommendations to create a good presentation

Choose a good design for our slides

Many of the applications to create presentations by default have some templates that we can use for free and easy. In this way, it is enough to choose the one we like the most and get down to work.

Now, if what we want is to create a unique presentation, then we can design it ourselves manually. For this, these types of applications usually offer all kinds of shapes, font types, color palettes, etc.

Try to dominate the quality images over the text

Presentations with a lot of text do not usually contribute much and it is possible that the information we want to convey does not reach everyone. Therefore, it is always advisable to use images as graphic as possible so that at a glance you can see everything we want to show, it is easy to understand and retain. In addition, good images related to our subject are able to capture the interest of the audience.

Prevent presentations from being too extensive

It is proven that a presentation that is too long causes viewers to end up losing interest or attention. To avoid this, it is important that we have the times well controlled, reflect in the presentation the most important schematically and make clear the key points.