PicPicK Review: Program to Make and Edit Screenshots

Screenshots are a tool that we often use when we want to save a snapshot on our computer of something that may interest us, such as a fragment of a news item that we are reading. To do this, we usually use the print screen key on our keyboard. There are also programs like PicPick , with which in addition to taking screenshots we can edit and convert the image.

All-in-one tool for capturing

PicPick is a small and useful all-in-one tool, with which we can take screenshots . In addition, it has an editor that will allow us to modify the image we have taken, without having to resort to other software, quickly and efficiently. In this way, we are dealing with a capture tool with functions such as color picker, ruler, color palette, blackboard, etc.


Main features

  • We can make different types of captures, whether in full screen, from an active window or any selection we make from our desktop.
  • Allows you to edit the images with text, arrows, shapes to achieve the desired result.
  • It incorporates effects that we can easily add to our captures, such as frames, shadows, watermarks, mosaics, blur, brightness control, etc.
  • It allows us to save and share our captures, either through the web, email, ftp, or upload them to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) or share them on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • It has a wide variety of graphic design accessories such as a color palette, ruler, protractor, blackboard, magnifying glass, etc.
  • Customizable configuration, with hotkeys, enter file names or specify image quality, to adapt it to our needs.

Take and edit all kinds of screenshots

Once we have run PicPick, its main screen will appear where we can perform a series of actions. This is in English, but it is easily understandable, especially since it incorporates an icon of each action to be taken so that we have no doubts.

At the top we can create a new image or open an existing one. Right below, we find Screen Capture , which are the different screen capture options that we can choose.

PicPick main menu

Here we will have the option to make a full screen capture, a capture to a window, a capture with scroll or capture only a part of it, a square or a free capture.

On the right side of the screen we will find a series of graphic accessories , such as a color selector, a color palette, a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the images, a ruler, a coordinate calculator, a protractor to measure the capture angle and a function called WhiteBoard, which will allow us to draw and share anything we write on the screen.

Edit your screenshots

If we choose to take our screenshot, once PicPick is done, the editor will automatically open with the captured image. The editor will be very familiar to us since it has an interface very similar to others such as Paint, with the different options to perform in the task bar located at the top. From here we will find effects functions, adjust the size, rotate the image, add text among others.

Applying filters with PicPick

Each tool has its own functions that will appear to us by pressing its icon. If, for example, we press in Effects , it will display a list of available effects for the image. If we click on Rotate we can rotate the image by 90, 180 or 270 degrees and with Resize we can select a part of the image to crop. Everything is done quite intuitively and similar to other text editors.

Full integration in the Windows taskbar

PicPick is a tool that we will always have available in the background , since it is perfectly integrated in the taskbar, so it will not be necessary to open the application to perform any function. We just have to right-click on its icon in the taskbar and a list of functions will be displayed.

PicPick Windows Taskbar

From this drop-down we will have access to the image editor, screenshot, color picker, magnifying glass, ruler, whiteboard … If we hover the mouse pointer over the screen capture option, another list will open with the different types of screenshots that we can realize. This is extremely useful as we can make the desired type of capture in just a couple of clicks.

Download PicPick

PickPick is a tool that we can download for free from its website, as long as it is for personal and domestic use. This version lacks technical support and updates have to be done manually. We have the option of choosing to install or download the portable edition . The installation is clean and does not try to sneak any additional software into us. The application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, with 32 and 64 bit versions. The latest version available to date is v5.0.7 (11-18-2019).

If we want to give the application commercial use, we must buy its Professionals version, which has a price of $ 29.99 . With it we will enjoy an ad-free version, with automatic updates, lifetime improvements and technical support.

PicPick free and paid version

Alternatives to PicPick

If you are looking for a tool with which to take and edit screenshots, you can choose some of these alternatives to PicPick.


It is an application with which we can take different types of screenshots. It also has an editor so that we can modify them to our liking before saving it. Sniptool is a portable and free tool that we can download from its website .


It is a well-known tool with which to be able to take all kinds of screenshots. There will be no lack of an integrated editor with all kinds of tools to give the capture the desired final image. ShareX is a free application that we can download from its website.