Photos with 48 Mpx or 12 Mpx on the iPhone 14. Is there such a difference?

If you take a look or know the characteristics of the iPhone 14 family, you will easily notice that there are no major changes compared to the previous generation. To enjoy a better processor and a 48 MP camera, you have to bet on the iPhone 14 Pro, but is this latest development worth it?

We already know in advance that Apple mobiles boast an enviable photographic quality, placing themselves in all generations as one of the best smartphones of the year when it comes to taking photos. So it is hard to believe that there is such a remarkable improvement that the 48 MP mode of its main rear lens is so decisive at the moment of truth.

Photos with 48 Mpx or 12 Mpx on the iPhone 14

Comparison of iPhone 14 results

Before going into depth, it is important to point out the differences between the camera of the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro . First of all, the standard model consists only of a 12 MP main sensor along with a 12 MP ultra wide angle sensor. Instead, the iPhone 14 Pro does the same with a triple lens system consisting of a 48 MP main lens, an ultra wide angle and a 12 MP telephoto lens with three magnifications, both. In addition, the latter is compatible with photos in RAW format to further maintain the level of detail.

foto iphone 14 pro 12 mp

Now that you know this key information, it’s time to check if this difference of up to 36 MP between both versions is as remarkable as it seems. The study carried out by the Chinese media HK01 compares the results achieved in automatic mode by both the iPhone 14 with its 12 MP and the iPhone 14 Pro with its 48 MP camera. The images show a very equal general quality in both cases, faithfully maintaining realism in colorimetry, although the Pro model wins minimally in terms of resolution . In the link that we leave you at the bottom you can consult the captures that they use for the analysis; while in this post you have two for comparison that we have made, the one you have above is made at 12 MP and the one below with the 48 MP mode.

iPhone 14 Pro foto 48 MP RAW

It should be noted that, although both can take photos with 12 MP, the specifications of both models are not identical, but the differences when photographing with the ultra wide angle sensor are not significant. There are no big changes and the image quality in both is excellent , with a work of lights and shadows that is very satisfactory for the professional user.

Photos at 48 MP, is it noticeable?

Among the main novelties of the iPhone 14 Pro compared to the standard version of the device is the ability to take photos in RAW format at 48 MP , as we mentioned at the beginning of the publication. This is where Apple squeezes the full potential of this new sensor, significantly increasing image quality , especially when zooming in on the image.

móviles competir cámara del iPhone 14 Pro

The drawback in this regard is that to take full advantage of this 48 MP camera on the iPhone 14 Pro, you must have professional-level knowledge of photography . Otherwise, the change between both images, those of the base model and the Pro variant, will not be as significant. This means that perhaps paying the difference of about 300 euros is not entirely worth it for an improvement in megapixels that, to the eye of the average consumer, will not be too noticeable either.