Huion Kamvas, the best graphics tablets to connect to your mobile

Photoshop has been the great reference when it comes to using an image editing tool for years, although the limitations offered by a set of mouse and keyboard mean that the best option is to bet on a graphics tablet . and the new , is a height option and to which you can connect your mobile phone.

We are talking about the 13, 16 and 24-inch Huion Kamvas Pro, the new family of graphics tablets that want to position themselves as the best option on the market.

best graphics tablets

Huion, a benchmark in the digital ink sector

In case you don’t know Huion, say that it is a leading supplier worldwide in the digital ink sector. To do this, they have a family of devices that offers excellent value for money.

Based in Shenzhen, it has been offering its solutions since 2011 to become the best option in the sector if you are looking for a cheap and quality graphics tablet. As a curiosity, say that the name of Huion comes from the Chinese “huì wáng” which means “The king of painting”, making it clear what the specialty of this company is.

And now they have just renewed their family of graphics tablets with new models that stand out for their power, especially Kamvas Pro 24, a tablet that boasts a 24-inch diagonal and 4K resolution so you can enjoy the best user experience.

In addition, they have also launched their new 13-inch and 16-inch Huion Kamvas Pro graphics tablets , models with 2.5K resolution to revolutionize the industry.

Graphic tablets that you can connect to your phone

One of the strengths of the Kamvas Pro family of graphics tablets has to do with its versatility. Mainly because, in addition to offering great quality and a robust feel, these Huion devices offer support for all major operating systems, including iOS and Android.

Huion Kamvas android

Thanks to this, you will only have to download the official app on your phone and connect the tablet with the corresponding adapter so that you can draw, make graphics or whatever interests you using this device so that it is reflected on the phone.

Huion Kamvas smartphone android

If, for example, you have an image that you want to edit on your mobile, you will only have to connect the Kamvas Pro graphic tablet and you will be able to draw on any image that you have stored on your phone through Huion solutions. More comfortable, impossible!

Huion Kanvas Pro, these are the best graphics tablets

Regarding Huion’s new releases, its Kamvas Pro 24 4K graphics tablet is a model that is aimed at companies in the sector, such as animation studios, or professional creators and art school students who are looking for a quality solution for both illustration of images as for professional retouching.

Huion Kanvas Pro

In the case of the Kamvas Pro 13 and 16 2.5K , these digital tablets have become the best alternative to Wacom , offering a product with the highest resolution, color range and quality.

Two products aimed at both advanced users and amateurs who want a powerful graphics tablet at an attractive price. In addition, it should be noted that the three digital tablets that Huion has presented have Etched Anti-Glare Glass technology, a protective glass that is resistant to reflections and scratches so that you can use these devices in any light condition.

Huion Kanvas Pro

We will start by talking about its top-of-the-range model, the Huion Kamvas Pro 24 4K digital tablet , a product that exudes quality from each of its pores. With a design in which the noble finishes make this equipment shine with its own light, the manufacturer has achieved a product with measured dimensions despite having a 24-inch diagonal.

Huion Kanvas Pro de lado

For this, it measures 589.2 x 364 x 22.7 mm and weighs 6.3 kilograms , making it a perfect digital tablet to leave fixed on your desk. In addition, it has supports to raise the angle depending on your needs and VESA support to fix it where you want, like an articulated arm. Although if you want to take it wherever you want, you will have no problem, since it is quite manageable.

As for the screen of the Huion Kamvas Pro 24 4K tablet , this is a device that boasts a 4K UHD panel (3840 x 2160 pixels) and 16:9 format so you can enjoy a 23.8-inch diagonal and 189dpi for guarantee the best definition.

pantalla de la tableta Huion Kamvas Pro 24 4K

At the connectivity level, you will not be short of options either, since Huion Kamvas Pro 24 4K has USB-A connectors, a USB-C connector, HDMI output and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

How could it be otherwise in such a premium product, the Huion Kamvas Pro 24 4K boasts a stylus pen and a Mini Keydial KD100 keypad . With these elements you can draw comfortably and automate all kinds of tasks.

Moving on to Huion’s Kamvas Pro 14 and 16 2.5K, we are facing two more restrained graphics tablets (13 and 16 inches) to bet on mobility. In the case of the 13-inch model, it has dimensions of 373.5 x 229.1 x 10 mm and a weight that does not exceed one kilogram. In addition, the 15.8-inch model offers measurements of 436.2 x 247.3 x 11.5 mm and a weight of 1.28 kilograms.

Kamvas Pro 14 y 16 2.5K de Huion,

Both the Kamvas Pro 14 and 16 2.5K from Huion boast QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) in 16:9 format and with a pixel density of 186dpi to offer a visual landscape up to the most demanding.

Two technically identical tablets beyond the differences in size and that offer a very similar appearance, and where their base with non-slip rubber feet, USB Type C connectors to charge them or connect them to your computer or mobile phone using the corresponding adapter stand out.

Lápiz óptico de las tabletas gráficas Huion Kamvas Pro

They also have a digital pen, although they do not come with the Mini Keydial KD100 as the most vitaminized model. We are talking about a stylus with a very attractive design that stands out for being compatible with any computer with Windows Ink , even if it is not a Huion product.

You will be able to regulate the inclination to work in the best way, in addition to having rubber parts to prevent your equipment from suffering scratches that weigh down its aesthetic appeal. Two very complete products that you can get at a price of 449 euros for the 13-inch model and 599 euros for the 15.8-inch model.

We have tested the Kamvas Pro

As for the user experience, the truth is that Huion’s new Kamvas Pro graphics tablets have left us with very good feelings. To begin with, it is a product that you will have configured in a few minutes, since you only need to download the official app for Windows, Mac or Android and iOS computers, connect the tablet and you will have it operational.

Uso Kamvas Pro

You can configure every last parameter with the official application , to choose the stroke, pressure levels or the sensitivity of the pointer. In addition, the button panel included in the Kamvas Pro 24 4K helps a lot.

Once you have your Kamvas Pro configured, you will be able to use it as one more screen on your computer, with the pointer as the main element with which to carry out all the actions that you would do with a mouse, but increasing precision considerably.

Kamvas Pro uso

In addition, beyond photo or video editing, you can also use the stylus to open files and programs , close items and much more. We have tried the Adobe Photoshop package and free licenses such as GIMP and the experience has been excellent, without having to make any additional adjustments. Something to be expected considering that the pointer offers a precision of 5080 lines per inch, along with the 8192 pressure levels of the Kamvas Pro graphics tablets.

Kamvas Pro

And this is exactly the goal of Huion: to offer a simple product that does not have any complications in its configuration so that you can use it right out of the box. The truth is that the user experience could not have been better, so if you are looking for a graphic tablet to work with your mobile or tablet, Huion’s new solutions are the best option to consider.