Phones that Will Be Presented in 2021 with the Snapdragon 875

Although we still have an important part of 2020 ahead of us, manufacturers already have their sights set on what 2021 will bring. They are already preparing what will be the top phones of the next generation and thanks to the leaks that reach us From the hands of the Digital Chat Station sound in China, we can begin to name the models that will fight their place in the high-end.

Phones with the Snapdragon 875

In this last year the dispute has been more equal than ever, with alternatives that included very low prices and that is something that will be repeated as this information already tells us. The main manufacturers will include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 in their phones, although the sub-brands will also have it very present for cheaper models. This aforementioned processor will be released in December, but the details have been revealed, leaving us before a process that no other will fear with a maximum frequency in its cores of up to 2.84 GHz.

Brands that will use the Snapdragon 875

Through the Weibo social network this information has been shown where the Snapdragon 875 is clearly mentioned. Brands such as Huawei do not appear in the list, which although it has managed to obtain permission to use Qualcomm processors it seems that it will have to wait for the moment and Kirin will continue to be the brain of its high-end mobiles in 2021. Another brand that is not present but in this case will use the Snapdragon 875 in 2021 mobiles as relevant as the Samsung Galaxy S21 or S30, although as in others sometimes not in all markets.

marcas moviles procesador snapdragon 875

Other brands that do appear on the list are Xiaomi and its derivative brands, including Redmi or Black Shark. We also meet the manufacturer Vivo along with iQOO, the OPPO brand with Realme and OnePlus will also be among those who opt for this powerful processor.

What will be the models that use the Snapdragon 875?

As you can see in the publication, the specific models have not been revealed, but considering these data offered and the launch history, it is not very difficult to get an idea of what the Snapdragon 875 phones will be for next year.

In a clearer way we hope to see the Snapdragon 875 in the top Samsung Galaxy, as we have already mentioned and according to the leaks also in the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro. Doubts begin to appear in other brands such as Redmi, where the model would end reaching our market under the name of Poco and possibly as Poco F3 Pro. Vivo has not yet made its strategy clear and it is possible that although it launches mobile phones with this processor, they will not finally reach our market, only time will give us the answer.

In the case of the group led by OPPO, the one that OPPO Find X3 Pro is called to be the one that integrates it, in other sub brands it would be the OnePlus 9 and its different versions. With Realme doubts arise widely and it is difficult to know the name of the model that would be a successor to the Realme X50 Pro.