Perfect Smart Locks for Your Home Fingerprint Unlock!

Today, having a domotized home is relatively simple and does not require an excessively high financial investment. The variety available is really wide so you can find connected products of all kinds. And one of the most important components is smart locks.

We are talking about a type of locks that stands out for being intelligent. Or what is the same: you can control it with your mobile phone. In this way, you will be able to open or close the doors of your house from anywhere in the world. And beware, the prices, as you will see later, are the most varied.

Advantages of this type of locks

Perfect Smart Locks

The truth is that the advantages offered by this type of locks are remarkable. For starters, being able to unlock the door in different ways is a great advantage for many reasons. For example, if you arrive home loaded with shopping bags, you will only have to pass your mobile over it so that the lock is unlocked and you can access your home.

It can also be very useful if external personnel come to your house. The cleaning lady may come a couple of times a week. There are models that allow you to create different temporary PIN codes for any worker who accesses your property to use them. You can also open the door from a distance, to make way for the people you consider.

And there are models that also have a biometric system, mainly a fingerprint reader, so you can open the door as if it were a traditional knob. Of course, if the footprint is not correct, the door handle will not turn. A natural way of interacting with the door so that the process is very comfortable, but with the assurance that only you and the people you have allowed access will be able to enter your home or the room that you want.

They are very easy to install

Another of the most common concerns when buying a product of this type is how easy it is to install a smart lock. It is logical that you worry about knowing how to assemble this connected product. Well, in this aspect you can be very calm, since the process is extremely simple, and you will not need external help to install your connected lock and that you control with your mobile.

In addition, you can assemble it yourself without major difficulties, since the configuration process is also extremely simple. In a few minutes you will have your gadget fully operational so you can start using it without major problems.

It is true that a few years ago a device of this type required high knowledge in home automation, but today the models that you will find are so simple to configure , that you will only have to take a look at the instructions. In summary, you must activate the lock, configure it through its official application (add it to the WiFi network, create a username and password and little else) and you will have it fully operational to prevent anyone from entering your property without your permission.

Undoubtedly, a gadget that will be the envy of your visits, as well as offering you an added security that is worth mentioning. And seeing the disparate prices that you will find, it will not cost you to get a model that fits your budget. Without further ado, we leave you with our particular selection with ten options that will not disappoint you.

Ultraloq UL3 BT

Cerradura inteligente Ultraloq UL3 BT

The first model that we want to recommend you is this smart lock from the manufacturer Ultraloq. A product that has different unlocking methods, in addition to boasting water resistance so that you can install it on the front door without worrying about inclement weather.

Tesa Assa Abloy ENTRKIT1T603535

Cerradura inteligente Tesa Assa Abloy ENTRKIT1T603535 usándose

Secondly, we want to recommend this other model from the firm Tesa Assa Abloy ENTRKIT1T603535. A model with a different design that will give your home a futuristic touch , as well as being sure that no one will be able to access it without your permission.



And what about this lock with an unpronounceable name but guaranteed usability. The ZKTeco AL20DB has different unlocking methods, including a fingerprint reader, as well as a great ease of installation.



This particular model has a different design, but very effective. A keyless system that is unlocked using a remote control or using the official application of this connected lock.

ASHATA smart lock

Cerradura inteligente ASHATA 

We continue with this ASHATA model, one of the great references when it comes to buying connected products. And this smart lock from the manufacturer will more than meet your expectations. Their weapons? A very attractive design, different opening options and great autonomy.

ZKTeco TL400B

ZKTeco TL400B

Another model from the manufacturer ZKTeco that we want to recommend you is this other connected lock. A model with a fingerprint reader, bluetooth and a numeric code so that you do not lack unlocking options.

New Lock 202Pro from PINEWORLD

Cerradura Nuevo 202Pro de PINEWORLD

Continuing with this compilation of the best smart locks that you can buy, we did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend this model from the firm Pineworld . A device that boasts six different unlocking methods so that you don’t lack options.

Gecheer smart lock

Cerradura inteligente Gecheer

Another model with which to boast a lock with great design is this device from the manufacturer Gecheer. Its finishes make the difference, in addition to offering several unlocking options.

L5 Advance

L5 Advance

We move on to this L5 Advance connected lock, since it is another of those models that you should not miss. Among its unlocking options, the fingerprint reader stands out. The best of all? That supports up to 100 different profiles, which make this gadget a perfect smart lock for an office or any other workplace.

Tesa Assa Abloy ENTR

Tesa Assa Abloy ENTR

We close this compilation with the Tesa Assa Abloy ENTR smart lock. A product that allows you to register up to 20 different users to take advantage of the benefits of its fingerprint reader.