How to Fix Low Call Volume on Mobile

Low volume during phone calls is one of the most common problems in smartphones. The signal quality may be sufficient and there may be no interruptions in the conversation, but if the sound isn’t quite loud enough, the call experience can be horrendous. Let’s see why this happens and how to solve it.

Depending on our mobile, that is, its own factory settings, and other external factors, the volume of calls may not be as desired . It is something that many users live with every day. Some even have to activate the speakerphone for the handsfree or even use headphones. This will not be necessary if we review the possible causes of this problem and put the appropriate solutions.

Low Call Volume on Mobile

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First steps

Before getting into deeper causes, we must perform a series of checks . These tests will be the fastest and will possibly solve the problem in many cases.

  • Restart the mobile : a restart can free the system cache or close applications in the background that may be causing call failures.
  • Check for pending updates – The problem may already be reported and a pending firmware update fixes the problem. We can check it from Settings / System / System updates.
  • Increase the volume during the call: make sure that during the call the volume is at maximum, leaving the volume up button pressed when the conference is active.

Remove the case or shell

Many users blame the phone, but in reality it may be the case or the shell of our mobile, which is interfering with the headset. The idea is to remove these accessories and retest a call to see if it was the cause of the problem.

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Clean the headset

It is surprising to see in many forums, how the mere cleaning of the earpiece fixes the problem of low volume in calls. And it is surprising because it is something that not many users fall for, and yet it manages to get the volume back to adequate.

rejilla auricular

Dirt can clog the headset. The solution is to use an alcohol swab to moisten the area and pass it several times to make the dirt dissolve with the alcohol. The next step is to use a pin or needle to very gently poke the speaker grill. This process must be repeated at least twice. After problems check how the sound of the calls becomes loud again.

With BuidProp Editor

Android terminals have a system file called build.prop. In addition to other parameters, the volume of the earpiece during calls depends on it. With this tool we can improve the volume of calls. To do this we will have to download the app from this link and open the build.prop file.

Then we click on the pencil to edit the file and we modify the following lines: ro.config.media_vol_default = 30 Then we click on the save icon in the upper right corner and restart the mobile. Now we test a call, since the volume should now be higher.

buildprop volumen

Clear the call manager cache

Another solution is to clear the cache and data of the system application that manages the calls. If there has been a conflict with a third-party app, or even if a system file has been corrupted, with these settings we can try to solve it. For this we will have to go to Settings / Applications and look for “calls” . Once inside we touch on Storage and Cache, and then click on User Data and Cache. When deleting the data we restart the terminal and test the volume again with a call.

cache llamadas

Try in Safe Mode

The safe mode of our mobile allows us to know the origin of many problems. The system will start up without the applications installed by us, so if the call volume is correct in safe mode , it is possibly a third-party app that is causing the problem. The goal is to search through the installed apps, from newest to oldest, that may be causing the problem. Then we will uninstall one by one, testing the calls in between in normal mode, and continue with the next one until we find the failure. We can start safe mode by holding down the shutdown button and tapping “OK” when restart to Safe Mode appears.

Reset to factory settings

When all else fails, one of our last options is to reset the mobile to the initial factory settings. This solves the problem on many occasions, especially when we have been with the device for a long time and there have been hundreds of applications installed and uninstalled in the storage. Once we have our personal data safely, we can click on Settings / System / Reset to factory settings. Once the process is finished, we will perform the test again to see if the problem has disappeared.

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Hardware problem

If all of the above fails, we can think that the mobile has a hardware problem. Most likely, the headset has a problem that causes calls to be too low in volume. If we do not have experience disassembling the mobile, it is best to make an appointment with a specialized technician who will help us solve the fault and even change the part if necessary.