Can I pay with two credit cards with the same NFC of the mobile?

Now that more and more people are encouraged to pay comfortably from their smartphone thanks to the NFC chip, some doubts arise about the capabilities that this offers. It may be understandable to think that through a single NFC, we will be able to pay with a single credit or debit card, as is the case with the physical cards that we use.

But nevertheless in technology things are not always so simple to understand. 1 + 1 are not 2 and in this case the mathematical formula escapes all reasoning through software that is prepared to offer us to enjoy several cards on the same smartphone and the same NFC . We will explain how this works and how you yourself can take advantage of the possibilities of using more than one card.

pay with two credit cards with the same NFC

All the cards you want through a single NFC

Thanks to the fact that the applications for making mobile payments have been created with the advantage of being able to turn off and on other cards , we have the possibility of having all the cards we need at hand. Whether through Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or even in the payment banking apps themselves, we have the ability to choose which card is working at that moment.

With this we will be telling the software to associate that card with the NFC chip, while the others are asleep for the moment. This is what we will do not only with smartphones, but also with smart watches and bracelets with the ability to pay. Indicating on the watch itself or by linking to the smartphone the card to use to be charged for what we have bought or the service we have enjoyed.

Choose the card you need, when you need it

Before we go to complete the payment, we will only have to enter the application in which we have our cards stored. From there, we are only going to have to slide between the cards, to display the card we want to use at the moment on the screen. Even if we do not change the default card that we have configured in the mobile payment service, the NFC chip will use the card that is shown to pay and we will not have to do anything else.

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To have more than one card, just tap on the option to add a new payment method that is shown when you slide your finger across the cards. In case you find that your card cannot be used in one of the services, you will have to make sure that the cards are compatible with each application . This depends on the banks themselves and the agreements they have signed to offer us one alternative or another.

Even if we have several apps on the mobile to make mobile payments, we can use the same NFC , with this process. We will only have to enter the banking or payment app where we have the card we want to use and activate it, which will ask us if we want to use it as the default and we will confirm for this moment that we do.

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Another method to modify the default payment app on our mobile is based on accessing Settings> Connected devices> Connection preferences> NFC> Contactless payments. Another way to get to this menu is to directly type in the settings “Contactless payments”.

Is it dangerous to carry several cards on your mobile?

In the same way that it is not dangerous at all to carry one card on your smartphone, it is not a problem to carry several. At the same time, only one of them will be active and available to pay in the chosen establishments. The others will basically not exist for any dataphone or collection service and it will be impossible for anyone to access them.