How to Password Protect Your WhatsApp Chats

You give the smartphone to a colleague to see an image or video that you want to show him, and suddenly you realize that he is consulting other snapshots ... or that he has even gotten into your applications! “Ha ha, it's a joke, take it,” he tells you to calm down, but you know he wanted to look at something, although he later disguises it as a cordiality. If you want this to happen to you no more - and here we speak from our own experience -, take good note of this post: how to put password to your WhatsApp chats.

Chat Lock For WhatsApp

As you can imagine, to put password to your WhatsApp account you will have to resort to a secondary application, in this case Chat Lock For WhatsApp . Therefore, download it from this link and install it on your Android device.

When you have it downloaded and installed, open it for the first time and pay attention to everything you are going to do. The first thing is that you set a password , since this is going to be the gateway to the application. Once this is done, grant the relevant permissions requested by the application, which is basically that you allow access to WhatsApp (of course, right?).

You have already configured the application. Enter it again and you will see that the screen appears empty, but just below there is a “ + ” sign . Click on it and all the chats you have on WhatsApp will open to you. Click on the one you want to protect, click the add symbol again and voila.

From now on, every time you enter WhatsApp and click on that chat, a menu will appear on the screen for you to enter the password you have chosen. You already have all your conversations protected.

Remember that this method is the best to have your chats covered. It should not be confused with "Archive", which simply "hides" the conversation for a while (until someone speaks to you again).