Password Manager in the Browser: Why it’s Not a Good Idea

Today we have a large number of keys to access all kinds of online services and platforms. If we do things right, we should have one for each account, each social network, each record. This makes it difficult to remember all of them, so we must opt for some tools such as key managers. Now, is it a good idea to trust the password managers built into the browser? The main ones like Chrome and Firefox have this option, but we will see the dangers it can have.

Why not trust the browser’s key manager

Modern browsers , the main ones such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge, have many built-in functions. Among them we can mention the use of a password manager. It is very useful for managing passwords, so you can quickly log in without having to remember them.

Password Manager in the Browser: Why it's Not a Good Idea

We can say that it is a comfortable solution and that it can also be integrated into the different devices we use. We can use it on the computer or mobile, for example. It will allow us to enter social networks, payment platforms or any service that needs to enter the password to access. But of course, this also has its risks.

They do not have the highest safety standards

One of the reasons why it is not recommended to fully trust the browser’s key managers is that they do not have the highest security standards. When we use an independent program, an application to manage passwords on our computer or mobile, we can choose a wide range of possibilities and many of them will offer us advanced security standards.

In the case of administrators integrated into the browser, although this does not mean that they are weak, we will have a lower capacity in terms of security standards.

Passwords stored online

Another reason is that our passwords are going to be stored on the Internet, in that browser’s tool. Today it can be totally secure, you can not have any kind of problem and allow us to log in safely. However, in the future there may be a gap and all that information ends up in the wrong hands. It is a question to take into account.

Malware in the browser

Undoubtedly one of the programs that we use in our day to day and that is more exposed to security problems is the browser. We can be victims of many attacks that take advantage of this software. There may be malware that arrives when you download or install an add-on and add additional bars, adware, and ultimately put security at risk.

If we have the passwords stored there, we can be victims of data theft. For example, they could sneak in a Trojan capable of stealing those keys. It is an important problem that we must avoid at all times.

Has fewer features

It should also be mentioned that a key manager in the browser will have much fewer functions than if we install a separate program. We will only have the basics, but we will not be able to save other information or store files with a password. We will have a more limited range of possibilities.

Therefore, we can say that using a key manager in the browser is not a good idea. Better to have secure password managers. Our data is of great value and must be protected.