What is the Real Capacity of the Battery of Your Android Mobile

One of the most important aspects, today, for many users who want to get a new mobile device, is inside. We refer exactly to the component in charge of supplying power to the terminal, its battery. Therefore, it is essential to know certain aspects, which sometimes we miss or simply forget completely.

For this reason, we will explain how you can find out what the real capacity of your terminal’s battery is, as well as its state of health. Also, we will show you some necessary tips if you want to make it last much longer and not have to resort to changing it. Although, this will not prevent that, with the passage of time and its use, this component does not end up degrading. Therefore, we will only have to try to reduce this wear.

The mAh and cycles of a battery

The battery capacity of a smartphone is measured in mAh and represents the amount of power that it can provide to a certain device. But, the harsh reality is that for more All the real information (mAh), it does not mean that our terminal will last longer on, although it will influence. Well, this will depend largely on the different resources that the mobile needs to be able to function properly. One of the most energy consuming in smartphones is the screen.

In addition, it is important to know that they are composed of lithium ions , which today are in the terminals, have a limited life and recharges. That is, the internal components of that component degrade with time, use, and other factors. Which leads to this internal component losing its ability to retain energy with each charge cycle.

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And it is that, in general, the health of this component is measured in charge cycles . That is, each cycle is each time that the mobile device has recharged from 0 to 100. In addition, it accumulates, so if one day we decide to recharge 60% and the next 40% of the total autonomy , we will have exhausted a cycle.

The “real” capacity of your battery

The capacity of these very relevant components of the terminals will also depend to a great extent on the efficiency that it has when combined with the processor that is integrated into our mobile. Therefore, this combination is what represents the amount of actual use that can be made of it on our mobile device. Since autonomy is influenced by the amount of charge released by said component.

That is, if we have a terminal that has a high mAh value, they have a better processor and screen, it will also greatly influence its useful life, causing it to be reduced more quickly if we do not take a series of actions to avoid it. . This is in large part because their displays feature higher brightness or more power-consuming technology. In addition to that a processor with more cores will consume much more.

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Therefore, its real capacity in our terminal will not only be the one specified by the different manufacturers, but it will depend on the consumption, the voltage, its capacity, the processor and the screen that we have. This is why all these aspects must be taken into account when we are going to choose a new smartphone.

Discover the load capacity of your mobile

Unfortunately, Android devices do not show the battery health in the system settings or what the actual capacity of that component is. Therefore, it is impossible to know its status directly. Although the truth is that there are different brands that hide this information in the factory menus, as is the case with Xiaomi.

However, for all other models there are different generic ways to find out this data without having to resort to third-party apps. In addition, it is really important to know if the data that the brand itself offers us is real or not, since sometimes some of the data of the specifications is not as true as we believed, since it tries to make its models the same. most attractive possible for users.

One of the easiest ways will be to resort to the characteristics indicated by the different manufacturers. But, this step we recommend that it be the first of all. More than anything, because brands sometimes round up in order to make their mobile devices more attractive for sale.

Although, the reality is that it will be the easiest option without having to resort to the following methods. Therefore, if you do not care to know the true capacity of your terminal, and you only want to remember how many mAh it has approximately, your best option will be to go to the manufacturer’s website and look for all the detailed specifications of the terminal in question . However, you may not find it if it is too old, so you will have to do some research on the Internet.

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You will also have to try to enter the following code within the mobile calling app: * # * # 4636 # * # * . The best of all is that you will not need to press anything, so when you enter the last asterisk, a menu will be displayed that could offer us the information we are looking for. To do this, we must find the Information section on the battery. If it is our case, if we have it, we will be able to check the state of charge, the level of autonomy, the state of health of the battery, the voltage or the temperature of this component.

Finally, the most reliable method to know more accurately the amount of mAh that this internal component of our smartphone has, will be thanks to an ammeter . Luckily, we can find it in different stores, so once you get one you just have to connect it to your mobile through a micro USB adapter or USB type C to normal USB. In addition, with this device we can get to know both the amperage and the voltage.

Ways to extend your battery life

As we explained at the beginning, there are different ways to get a longer useful life for this component. Although it will not mean that it does not end up being damaged to such an extent that we have to change it, but we will make it last a longer time. In addition, since the arrival of Android 11 , it has been possible to improve certain aspects of your savings. Many terminals even have different configurations within the settings of this component that will help us increase its durability.

This is because the battery is considered one of the most important elements in mobile devices by users. That is why its capacity can make the difference between reaching the end of the day or having to resort to the charger.

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And the fact is that the usefulness of mobile phones is closely related to their degradation, something that worries every buyer. For this reason, some companies have already implemented smart charges in their terminals so that their smartphones do not suffer too much and the user does not have to worry too much about saving the energy of their device as much as possible.

Smart charging

We have also seen this smart charging technology in iPhones, in order to try to protect said component from fast charging and its possible effects on the terminal. As the power increases and the waiting time is reduced, it affects its degradation in a greater way. Although it is true that this technology has become essential today.

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Fortunately, some brands have the so-called smart charging, with which we will achieve that our mobile is charged when we are sleeping, since we are not in a hurry to complete the charge in full. So it will not matter to us how long it takes to load the seven or eight hours that we are sleeping. In this way we will be able to prolong the useful life of this component by not having to abuse the fast charge so much.

Saving mode

This function helps us to control the consumption of our terminal, since its configuration limits different processes. However, it gives us the ability to activate it automatically, so it will not be necessary for us to be the ones who have to activate it for it to work. To be able to activate it in Android 11 we will enter Settings> Battery> Battery saving . Once inside, a new tab will be displayed with the possibility of activating it now or it also gives us the option of being able to program it.

When doing so, it will give us the option to configure this saving mode in two ways. The first option of them will be based on the routine we have with our mobile, that is, the use we make of it. While, in the second, we will establish a percentage so that, once that percentage is reached, it is automatically enabled.

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Always use the original charger

One of the recommendations that we will always find, be it one manufacturer or another, is that as a general rule, the original charger that comes with the device is used. And if in our case, the new terminal that we have bought does not come with it, they recommend that we get an original one from the brand.

More than anything, because different tests have been carried out in the official state in order to improve its performance and to know if it really fulfills its function well. In addition, if not to follow this recommendation, we could severely damage this component. Not to mention that it is also possible that our mobile phone takes longer to charge. Therefore, it is important to use certified and trusted chargers.