OPPO's 2 tricks to improve the mobile battery

OPPO phones are popularly known for their affordability and attractive cameras, but we cannot deny that their battery has lights and shadows. On the one hand, we have charging systems that can be considered the fastest on the market. But, unfortunately, autonomy is not the strong point of these terminals.

If we add to this that the battery life of any phone is never enough, it is time to start looking for solutions. Of course, there are ways to maximize what the phone can offer and among the ColorOS settings , we can find a series of settings that help us to detail a series of battery tricks that will make you enjoy your branded phones longer than that most people know.

OPPO's 2 tricks to improve the mobile battery

Optimize your mobile battery

OPPO has developed a series of innovations within the energy section for its latest flagship phone, the OPPO Find X5 Pro . The smartphone, launched at the beginning of last year, boasts what the brand calls the Battery Health Engine, a battery health engine that, on paper, is still a solution for optimizing the state of the battery at a level of system that has come true through three years of research and innovation.

It is based on OPPO’s custom battery management chip and includes two key technologies: intelligent battery health algorithm and cell monitoring technology. Explaining this at the user level is very simple. On most smartphones released in 2022, you have to look for a series of settings within the Settings menu of the phone.

  1. Open the mobile Settings app
  2. Scroll down to the Battery menu
  3. At the bottom, access More settings
  4. Here you will find two options: Optimize battery usage and Sleep optimization
  5. activate both

optimizar bateria oppo

The first of them allows you to automatically control all the apps that may be consuming battery while they remain active in the background, while the second option makes the smartphone reduce battery consumption, as well as notifications, when it detects that the user is sleeping.

Other tricks to gain autonomy

To end other battery problems on OPPO phones, you can always use other more classic tricks such as the phone manager, the management app that you will find installed by default on your smartphone. This tool helps us to find out if there is a virus on the phone that is affecting a massive energy consumption of our smartphone, but we also have an option to analyze and optimize the phone to review, not only performance problems, but also get that in the same way increases the autonomy of the terminal. You just have to open the app and click on the optimize button.

Ahorrar batería móviles OPPO

Likewise, remember to always keep your phone up to date, turn off Wi-Fi networks when you’re not in range of a known network, close background apps, and keep screen brightness under control.