OPPO Mobile Problems with the Microphone: How to Fix

Although it is not usually the most common, the problem of the microphone on the mobile is annoying enough that the mobile loses almost all its usability. At the end of the day, no matter how many apps we install on our mobile, or no matter how many photos we take with it, its main use is to communicate with friends and family and if we can’t even call or send audio notes … what’s the use? ?

If every time you call someone they tell you that they do not hear you well or if you hear crackles during the conversation, you have two of the most common symptoms of problems with the mobile microphone. Luckily, we are going to review all the tools that ColorOS, OPPO‘s operating system, has in its possession to fix the failure.

The first thing is to identify the problem with the smartphone’s microphone. Then we will go on to work with all your possible solutions.

Identify the mobile problem

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In order to better guide you in the solutions to the failure, the first thing is to identify the type of problem that is found in the microphone of the smartphone of the Chinese brand:

The microphone is not working at all

In the event that the Oppo microphone does not transmit sound when recording voice notes and your interlocutors do not hear anything, it is a sign that the microphone does not work at all. To be sure that the problem is not coming from the network you are connected to, you can try to record something with the Oppo recorder. In the event that it does not work, you can continue trying some solutions before sending the mobile for repair.

The microphone still works, but bad

In the event that your microphone is stuck or starts to show interference, you can also do a test recording with the brand’s tool to make sure that it is not the network that is at the origin of these concerns. Most likely, in this case, the problem is with the operator, or some kind of dirt that is damaging the component.

Fix the microphone of your OPPO

Clean the mic

This is the first thing to do. Dirt is deposited on the microphone of the mobile as in any other terminal, which can cause a malfunction. To clean the microphone, you can use a very thin object or try to blow air over it. In mobile phones of the brand it is located on the lower edge of the phone.

Wear headphones

If when connecting a headset with a microphone they hear you perfectly, this is a sign that the problem you have with the phone is in the hardware, and not in the software, so you will probably have to go through the repair center.

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Check if there is any device in conflict with your OPPO

Sometimes it happens that certain peripherals conflict with the mobile, such as a speaker or a headset through bluetooth. It can also be a plugged in connector or a USB cable. So feel free to try disconnecting everything and deactivating Bluetooth connectivity so that you can continue testing.

Does the problem arise in an app or in anyone?

It can happen that an application causes problems in the microphone of your OPPO and the first thing is to discern if it fails with only one or with all. If it is with one, there you have the solution to the problem: uninstall it. If it is with all of them, the safest thing is that the error would appear immediately after installing an application. To be sure that the problem is not coming from an application, you can try to start your mobile in safe mode and give it a try.

If when starting the safe mode you can re-record sound or make calls without problems, the origin of your headache is in the recently installed apps. Uninstall them and try to install them again one by one until you find the one that fails.

Clear the mobile cache

The cache memory allows you to use the smartphone faster but sometimes it can drag errors that can affect the phone. Therefore, we suggest that you empty the cache memory of the smartphone and retest the microphone.

To do this we go to Settings / Applications / Storage / Clear storage / Delete all. Select the apps where the microphone fails.

Use OPPO’s recovery mode

The recovery mode is also called ColorOS Recovery and it is a system boot mode that can fix the mobile when different scenarios occur, such as the microphone not working.

recovery OPPO

Once the phone is off, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until the phone enters recovery mode. Then select the language first, and choose the operation applicable to your concern:

Check disk

Select this option to detect your phone’s disk for outliers or corrupted data, which generally takes 1-3 mins. If a problem is detected with the microphone, it will be fixed.

Recovery mode

The way to install a totally clean update that will end your problems. Before entering Recovery Mode, turn on the mobile and go to Software updates and download the firmware in the root directory of your SD card or phone memory.

Now press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until your phone enters Recovery Mode and selects the Install from storage device option. Find the upgrade package and you’re done.

Factory format

We reached the last step we must take to fix the mobile. Before performing a factory restore, always make a backup of your device because once you erase the data from the smartphone it will be completely deleted.

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After doing so, you can start Recovery Mode again and select Erase Information. This will delete all the content of the mobile, including bugs, except SMS, contacts and photos.

To repair

If after doing everything you are still the same. You have reached a dead end. You have to execute the warranty of the phone or, if it no longer has it, take the mobile to repair.