Open any WebP image with Photoshop thanks to this plugin

Photoshop is the most complete and professional photo editing program we can find. This has a large number of tools and functions that allow users, both amateurs and professionals, to make all kinds of changes and improvements to their photos. Adobe software also has support for most of the image formats that can be found on the network. However, even the most modern versions have a significant lack: they are not compatible with WebP images .

The WebP format is a high-performance image format developed by Google, especially thinking about the web. This format is characterized by taking up very little space, offering good image quality (almost no loss) and also being compatible with transparencies (alpha layer) in the images. In short, it has the best of PNG and JPEG to become the standard web format.

However, the main problem with this image format is compatibility. While GIMP is able to read and work with it, many image viewers (even the default Windows viewer) are not able to read it. And Photoshop, despite being the most complete editing software, can’t open it either.

Error Photoshop abrir WebP

Luckily, there is a plugin for Photoshop that solves this lack.

WebPFormat: the plugin for Photoshop to get along with WebP

WebPFormat is a simple plugin whose purpose is to make Photoshop compatible with Google’s 24-bit image format. Thanks to him, Adobe software will be able to open this format (to edit it, or use it in other projects) and save it, to export images optimized with it.

We can download this plugin for free from the following link . We will download a compressed file. But the file that interests us is inside. The one with the extension .8bi.

Once we have it at hand, we must go to the Photoshop installation directory. Assuming we have the 32-bit version installed on the computer, this will be:

C: / Program Files / Adobe / Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 /

Inside this directory we will find a folder called «Plug-ins» . We double click on it to enter (we will recognize it easily because it has a characteristic icon) and we will copy here the .8bi file that we have indicated before.

Photoshop - instalar plugin formato WebP

It is done. Now all we have left to do is open Photoshop again. At first glance there will be no changes. But when we try to open an image in this format we will see that, finally, we can import this type of photos.

Photoshop con archivo WebP abierto

How to save an image in WebP from Photoshop

This plugin not only serves so that Photoshop can read this format, but also allows us to export the image in WebP format, with its main features.

The plugin is injected directly into the program. Therefore, just as to open this image format we do not have to do anything, to save any photo in JPEG we do not have to do anything either.

Simply select the section File> Save how , and in the list of the file type we will have, on the one hand, normal WebP, and on the other, lossless WebP, without loss.

Photoshop - Guardar como WebP

Ready. Now we have Photoshop fully compatible with the WebP format.