Easily edit or delete your autofill data from Google Chrome

Google Chrome , in addition to allowing us to surf the Internet at maximum speed and with total security, also includes a series of functions and tools to make our daily lives as comfortable as possible. One of these functions is autofill. This function allows us to forget the forms that appear on many web pages. When a website asks us to enter our data, the browser itself will fill them with our information, allowing us to save a lot of time. However, this function is not always practical, and if you have erroneous or outdated data, you can waste more time than you actually save.

By default, Google Chrome autofill is enabled. To use it, all we have to do is find any web page that requires our data. When we click, for example, in the “Name” box, the browser will allow us to automatically fill in that box, and all others, with the data it has in its database.

Auto-completar datos Chrome Amazon

If we have the data updated, the browser will fill in all (or almost all) the fields automatically: name, surname, address, telephone, email … But if we have them wrong, it will fill them with information that does not match, and it will not help, since we will have to fill them by hand again.

How to edit Chrome autofill information

This function is within the configuration. As it is a native feature of Chrome, it does not depend on any extension or any program to work. Although it is true that there are more complete and simple alternatives for those who usually work with several addresses and different information.

To enter the Chrome autofill configuration, what we must do is write the following in the address bar, which will take us directly to this section:

chrome: // settings / addresses

We can also do it from Settings> Autofill> Addresses and more.

We will find a page like the following. In it we can see a switch that will allow us to activate or deactivate this function. In addition, we will also see a list with all the addresses we have stored in the browser.

Personalizar autocompletar direcciones Chrome

To eliminate one of these entries, what we have to do is click on the 3-point button to the right of the address in question and select the “Remove” option that appears.

Quitar dirección autocompletar Chrome

If, on the contrary, what we want to do is edit it, then we will choose the “Edit” option . A box like the following will appear, where we will see all our data and from which we can edit the information that is wrong.

Editar información autocompletar Google Chrome

We save the data and go. The new address for Chrome autofill will be ready. Now, when any website asks us to fill in the data, and tell Chrome to fill it in, it will use this data. And there should be no more problems.

If we have many entries in the browser address list, it is best to remove all that are not necessary. Thus we will optimize the filling of the data.

Clean the payment methods (if you have any)

In addition to the addresses, Google Chrome also allows us to fill out the payment information on the forms. This allows us to save time when we shop online, but for many it may not be a safe way to use your card online.

As with the addresses, we can add, edit and delete payment methods in the browser. To do this, we will enter the address chrome: // settings / payments from the browser. And we will use this section just like the previous one, the auto-complete addresses.

In this way, having all Chrome autofill options well configured and updated we can save time, both by registering on websites and when shopping on the Internet. A small adjustment for Chrome that will save us minutes in the future.