How to Open Protected Excel without Knowing the Password

Office has a series of security measures that allow us to protect our documents and prevent others from opening them. For example, when saving an Excel, we can protect the spreadsheet with a password so that nobody can open it without permission. However, what happens if we forget the password ? At first we could not recover the file. Although, luckily, there are ways to do it, thanks to programs like Passper for Excel .

There are several ways to protect an Excel document . The first one is to configure an opening password that asks for a password when opening it and, without which, it cannot be opened. And the second is to apply restrictions (reading, modifications, etc.) that protect the integrity of the spreadsheet.


Passper for Excel is a simple program for Windows that allows us to open password-protected Excel documents, and remove protection, without altering the original document content.

Requirements and compatibility

Unlike other programs, which generally need very powerful computers, the requirements of Passper for Excel have been designed so that any user with an average computer can use the program.

The only minimum requirements are a Windows operating system (from XP to Windows 10), 512 MB of RAM, a 1 GHz processor and an NVIDIA GT8600 graphics card or higher. In addition, the program needs 200 MB on our hard drive to be installed, although it then takes up much less, so we should not have space problems to install it.

As for the compatibility of this program, it is compatible with virtually any spreadsheet created with Microsoft Excel, from Office 97 to Office 2019 . The supported formats are .xls, .xlsx and .xlsm.

How to remove the password to an Excel without knowing it

When we run the program we can see two main functions in its interface. The first one will allow us to recover the password of the Excel document, while the second one allows us to remove the restrictions of the document.

Passper for Excel - Menú

Recover the password of an Excel document

We will choose the first option, and in the next step that appears in the program we must select the Excel file that we want to recover, in addition to the recovery method we want to use:

  • Combination attack : allows you to find out the password by combining the characters that we indicate.
  • Using a dictionary : use the dictionary included in the program, or a personal one, to search for the password.
  • Mask attack : find the password using the possible information we know about it.
  • Using brute force : the slowest method. Try all the possible combinations until you find the real one.

Passper for Excel - Averiguar contraseña 1

We choose the method we want to use. Depending on the method we may have to configure some parameters, such as the password length (if we know it), or the characters we want to test.

We execute the program and wait. Depending on our hardware the process can be more or less fast. When the program finds out the password, it will tell us what it is.

Passper for Excel - Contraseña

Now we just have to open the Excel document, enter the key that the program has told us and we can access it without problems.

Remove restrictions

While the previous function allows us to find out the password to open the file, it allows us to eliminate the protection passwords within the Excel spreadsheet. For example, the password of the individual sheets or books. The process is much faster, and also has no danger, since Passper for Excel creates a backup copy of the file and works on it; Does not modify the original.

Passper for Excel - Eliminar restricciones

We simply load the file into the program, execute the task and go. In a few seconds we will have our Excel sheet without passwords, being able to open it and edit it without restrictions.

Download Passper for Excel

In order to use this program, all we have to do is download Passper for Excel from its main website. Once downloaded, we install it on our computer (installation is quick and clean of unwanted software), and in a few seconds we will have it ready.

Passper for Excel

Of course, to use this program we have to buy the license. We can buy Passper for Excel from the following link. We can choose different types of licenses. For example, we can buy a one-month subscription for $ 19.95, a one-year subscription for $ 29.95, or a lifetime license for $ 49.95.

Passper for Excel - Comprar

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