Freespire: A Linux Distro Similar to Windows

Users are afraid to try Linux because, for years, this operating system has maintained a reputation for “difficult.” However, today we can find a large number of simple distributions suitable for any user. Many of them have even been modified to mimic the appearance and operation of Windows so that nobody has the slightest problem using it. And taking advantage of the end of Windows 7 support, a distro that is gaining popularity is Freespire.

Freespire’s story

Freespire was a free Linux distro managed by the Linspire user community years ago . Linspire tried to become a kind of alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux , a commercial operating system (previously known as LindowsOS) based on Debian.


In 2008, Linspire ceased to exist, and the Freespire derived distro was also abandoned. 10 years later, in 2018, those responsible for Linspire decided to continue with the development of the distro and launched Linspire 7 . The community also resumed the development of Freespire, launching version 3.0.

And since then, this distro is updated twice a year, offering users a very powerful, safe and stable system ideal for day to day.

Packages, programs and features

Undoubtedly, one of the characteristics that differentiates Freespire from other similar Linux distros based on Debian is that it does not include any single binary package . All software included in this community-maintained distro is 100% free and open source. This means that, in addition to not including commercial programs, it does not include drivers or proprietary codecs, something that can be seen as a window or as an inconvenience.

Freespire Linux - 1

Until version 5, this Linux distro has always used a KDE desktop. From version 6.0, in addition to continuing to find the KDE Plasma desktop , we will also find a MATE desktop (default desktop), very fast and easy to use desktop, especially for users who come from Windows 7.

Freespire Linux - 3

As this distro is based on Ubuntu, it has many of the features of the Canonical distro. For example, it uses a DEB package manager , suite systemd to interact with the kernel and the btrfs and ext4 file systems for storage systems.

It also includes interesting programs for users, such as the Abiword word processor , Gnumeric spreadsheets or the free Chromium browser . It also has a software center to easily download any program or game, and the Synaptic package manager .

Freespire Linux - 2

The installation of this Linux operating system is also in graphical mode, so no one should have trouble starting it on their computer.

Minimum and recommended requirements

Although its developers want to promote themselves as an alternative to Windows 7, the truth is that their requirements are far superior to those of the Microsoft operating system. Of course, at least it assures us that the distro will work much better than the Microsoft system.

In order to install it, we will need at least:

  • 64-bit processor
  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • 20 GB of hard disk space.

In addition, if we want to get the maximum performance, or we are going to use heavy programs such as CAD or audio and video editors, it is advisable to have at least 8 GB of RAM. Otherwise, we may experience problems.

Download Freespire

Freespire is a totally free operating system, so any user can download it for free from the following link . We can download an ISO image and, in addition, two checksums (MD5 and SH256) to verify that the image has been downloaded correctly. We must burn the ISO image to a DVD or USB memory to be able to boot the PC from it.

If we want, we can also buy a USB or micro-sd memory with Freespire previously installed to install it on the computer. Thus, if we have a limited connection, or simply want to support the development of this project, we can do so.

If we have a Mac computer, we can install it as a secondary operating system as long as it has an Intel processor.