CCleaner Reveiw: the Most Popular Cleaner and Optimizer for Windows

With the passage of time, our operating system usually begins to go slow. Windows accumulates a series of residual, junk and unnecessary files that, little by little, are subtracting performance from the PC. Therefore, as part of the maintenance that any computer should have, it is necessary to keep our Windows clean and optimized so that, in addition to working correctly, we avoid problems. And since these tasks are complicated to carry out manually, the best we can do is delegate this responsibility to a program. And, for years, the best known for this purpose has been CCleaner.

CCleaner is one of the most complete programs to clean and optimize any Windows PC . Originally created by Piriform, and currently owned by Avast, this software allows us to analyze our entire PC for junk and residual files, delete them with one click and optimize the PC so that it can always work at full capacity.


The controversy surrounding Avast and CCleaner

CCleaner has always been one of the best programs to clean and optimize Windows. And for years it has been recommended by all corners of the network. However, since Avast took over Piriform rights, things have changed.

This software has always been free for all users, and all functions were available without paying. Except for some additional functions such as a programmer for automatic cleaning, or keeping the program open in the background. However, since Avast took over with him, the functions of the program have been greatly limited. Functions such as the software updater, or the cleaning of all junk files on the PC, require paying the license.

As if that were not enough, CCleaner has been affected by the past by malware hidden in its installer that has been putting the security of users in check. Something very interesting considering that, when installing the program, try to also install the Avast antivirus without permission on our PC.

Finally, we must indicate that Avast has included telemetry functions within the program to keep users under control. Functions that, of course, can be “anonymized.” As long as you pay for professional licenses.


Clean the PC and free up space

CCleaner is an all-in-one for cleaning our computer. Its main function is to analyze our entire hard disk, locate all those junk and unnecessary files that have remained on the PC and help us clean ourselves.

We have two types of cleaning. The easy cleaning mode allows us to clean all the residual data of the computer with one click, while the custom mode allows us to control which files are deleted and which are not.

Depending on the use we make of the computer, this program is capable of freeing several gigabytes of space. In addition to ending unnecessary files, the more space we have on the hard drive, the better the performance and we can use that space for other files or other programs.

Clean the Windows registry

Another of the most interesting functions of this program is the possibility of cleaning and optimizing the Windows registry. This registry consists of instructions and configurations of the operating system and many programs. Instructions that the operating system constantly consult and that, if they are disorganized, or there is superfluous information, it will slow down the general operation of the PC.

CCleaner - Review 3

The program allows us to make a backup copy of the registry before cleaning it. Thus, if something goes wrong, we can always reverse the changes easily.

Uninstall Programs

CCleaner includes a program uninstaller that allows us to see a list of all the programs on our PC, their properties (installation date, size, etc.) and allows us to easily uninstall them without having to use the Windows application manager itself.

CCleaner - Review 4

Update Programs

One of the latest developments that came to this optimizer was a tool that allows us to analyze all the programs we have installed on our PC, check if there are new versions available and, if any, download them to always have the latest version available.

CCleaner - Review 5

This is one of the features that are only available to paid users. Something counterproductive considering its small software database and the large number of alternatives that do this for free.

Control Windows startup

One of the reasons why our computer may take a long time to boot is because we have many programs configured at the start of the PC. From the start section we will be able to see them all, as well as the scheduled tasks, and clean them.

CCleaner - Review 6

We will also be able to organize and optimize other system elements, such as the context menu.

Other CCleaner tools

We will also find other interesting tools within this program to clean and optimize Windows. For example, we can control the browser’s plugins , to eliminate them in case something prevents us from doing so, analyze the hard drives to see what type of files occupy more space, look for duplicate files that we can erase to increase the available space, access the computer restore points and erase drives safely to destroy all the information that is stored on them.

Download CCleaner

CCleaner is a free program, with limitations, for home users. We can download the latest version of this program from the following link . This program is compatible with all versions of Windows, from XP to 10, both in 32 bits and 64 bits.

Once the program is downloaded, we only have to install it on the PC to start using it. Of course, we must be very careful during installation so that Avast does not strain any unwanted software.

Payment Modes

The free version is the most limited of this program. Avast only gives us access, provided it is for domestic and personal use, to the most basic functions of the program, such as the basic cleaner and privacy options.

If we pay for the Professional license , which costs 24.95 euros, we can unlock the full potential of the program. In addition to accessing the advanced cleaning functions, we can automate the program to perform periodic cleaning without having to do anything and access the software updater.

Finally, we can also get the ” Professional Plus ” option that includes, in addition to everything from the professional edition, licenses for Defraggler programs (to defragment the PC), Recuva (to recover deleted data) and Speccy (to detect problems and search for updates). This license is priced at 39.95 euros.