How to open the camera with the locked mobile and take photos in seconds

Most mobile phones have a quick launch function for the camera so that you can easily access it and capture moments that are more ephemeral or that cannot wait for you to unlock the screen, find the camera and configure it to take photos. You can open the camera and take photos in seconds in all of them, however, the way to access this function can vary from one model to another, not only from one brand to another.

The Huawei usually have a double-press system on the volume down, in the Samsung you can access this function by pressing twice on the Home button , the Motorola have the possibility of resorting to the double wrist gesture , in other models you can do it by tapping twice on the back of the phone , each of them has its own possibilities to open the camera quickly. In any case, how your mobile works is something you should know to avoid missing the best photos, those that in some cases cannot wait for you to open the camera on your locked mobile.

How to open the camera with the locked mobile

With the camera key on the lock screen

If your mobile has a specific camera key on the lock screen itself, you can use it to launch the camera quickly. This feature is usually enabled by default. Thus, if you are on the lock screen or with the screen in idle mode, you will only have to press and hold the camera key or make the gesture indicated by it to launch the camera application. At that moment, you can start taking photos and it is a gesture that will not take you any time.

Several phone models have this possibility, including Xiaomi, or the iPhone itself, from which you can open the camera by sliding a finger to the left or by holding down the camera key and lifting your finger.

pantalla bloqueada cámara iphone

Activate it in the lock screen settings

From your own mobile, you can configure how the camera opens from the lock screen settings. Thus, go to the settings of your phone and check if in the Lock screen you find one called run camera or a function that is related to it. It may say “double press the volume down button to open the camera when the screen is locked” or what corresponds depending on the model.

To take advantage of this functionality, you must activate it there or configure it depending on how it is set. It is very simple and it will tell you what you can do to activate the camera easily with the locked screen, if you find this section on your smartphone.

pantalla de bloqueo camara xiaomi

Double press the power button

It is an Android method that can be used in a large number of brands and that you may have active on your phone. All you have to do is double press the power button on your mobile device and check if the camera opens.

If it doesn’t work, you may have it, but it’s not activated. You can try going to the settings of your mobile and look for the Gestures section, which can be found in a different place depending on the model. From there you will need to go to Open the camera quickly and activate the function. If you can’t find it, go to the search engine and type camera to see if the quick opening appears among its results. If you do, the camera will open instantly by pressing the power button twice, even if the phone is turned off or using an application or locked.

On Xiaomi mobiles , you can do it from the lock screen, as we have said before, in the Lock screen or Always active screen section. In some you can even choose the quick open gesture , which can be the same as double-tapping in the power menu. But for that, you need to go to Additional Settings and Gesture or Button Shortcuts. From there you will give to run camera and select the option that interests you, which in this case would be double clicking on the power button.

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All available options are:

  • Double click the power button
  • Press and hold the home button
  • Hold the home button
  • Hold the back button
  • turn on + start
  • Power + menu
  • turn on + back
  • None

Double tap on the back of the phone

Google Pixel models have another way to open the camera in seconds, it is the quick touch , a gesture that you can also see on some iPhones, since iOS 14. If you can’t do this with your phone, you can also use a external application, as is the case of Tap Tap that you can only download from GitHub . The most recommended thing is that if you do not have a model that allows it, you use the options of the phone itself, but it is also an option to consider.


With the double turn of the wrist

If you have a Motorola phone , you’ll find that you can do this with a convenient double-wrist gesture while holding the phone. This will open the camera. If you don’t have it activated, you can go to the gestures section of the phone’s settings to activate it, although in many models it is already configured by default.

If you don’t have a phone from the brand, you could also access this functionality if it’s more convenient for you, although for this you would have to use an external application that you can download in the app store of your operating system. Whenever you go to download an application, check that it is trustworthy and do not forget to look at the comments about it. Do not download it from unofficial sites or sites that you do not know. An app that promises you this is Shake It! .