OnePlus Phones Alarm Problems: How to Fix it

Our mobile phone, in addition to serving as a communication method, for reading news or playing video games, also offers us the possibility of becoming an alarm clock. However, many OnePlus users are being affected by a problem that causes us to fall asleep, since the alarm sounds when it should not or does not even sound.

Chances are that the first time it happens to us, we think that it was us turning off the alarm without realizing it or that the sound was too low. However, it is a software problem that has been detected in several users, different OnePlus mobile models and luckily it has a relatively simple solution.

oneplus alarm problems

OnePlus phones with alarm problems

According to data collected in different forums such as Reddit and OnePlus’ own, this failure does not have a direct relationship with Android 10, but rather with one of the latest security patches. Among those affected we find users of the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T who are a few days away from enjoying Android 10 or those of the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T . In addition to this, fewer users but some of the OnePlus 7 in addition to the OnePlus 7T also encounter this problem sporadically, models confirmed to update to Android 11 .

Trasera del OnePlus 7T

It does not matter if we configure the alarm with a predetermined system sound or we do it with some Spotify song, a bug that has already been solved and seems to be unrelated this time. No matter how much volume we give the alarm, we will not be able to solve it, we will only wake up more scared the day it randomly decides to work.

OnePlus battery optimizer is to blame

Although for now the company has not given an explanation, it is already aware of the failure and we hope that in a few days it will have a solution to this annoying problem. To solve it without waiting, we will have to go to the Settings of our OnePlus mobile and enter the battery section and look for the battery optimization section. Now we have to click on the three points on the upper right and enter the advanced optimization options.

problema alarma oneplus

In case we have the idle standby optimization activated, we will have to deactivate it, to avoid that during the nights the alarm is disconnected and we fall asleep because of our OnePlus mobile. This is the only possible solution, at least until the bug is fixed.