OnePlus messes up and leaves your mobile without memory

It is not the first time this has happened, although it is so prominent. The Android operating system and some manufacturers face a serious problem with system memory that ends up affecting users and the available space on their phones. This caused that even if we have 120 or 256 GB of memory, it is never enough.

The last to join the bandwagon have been the OnePlus models , especially the high-end models from 2021 who are seeing how the available storage shrinks by leaps and bounds and they even have to be limited when it comes to taking photos, recording videos or downloading applications. . This is also not a normal problem that we can forget.

OnePlus messes up and leaves your mobile without memory

What’s going on?

The problem that so many users are encountering on OnePlus causes the alert notification to appear, insufficient space. On the other hand, we can also check it ourselves by going into Settings> Memory. As in the screenshots that we show you and that have been shared by several users in the official OnePlus forum, at the bottom we see that the system takes a good part of the cake.

memoria sistema oneplus

In some cases, this storage section occupies more than 100 GB , which is somewhat exorbitant, since at most it should occupy 10 GB of our memory. A fact that sets off all the alarms and that continues to spread between the publications in the forum.

In addition to the OnePlus 9 mentioned above, more and more models including the Nord series are faced with this situation, which causes total confusion for users. As we can see in your comments, from one hour to the next, the system memory grows without having generated new videos, installed applications or done anything.

problemas comentarios memoria oneplus

The desperate search for the situation has led to trying to find a way to solve it before the system limits the device, because little by little the speed is affected.

Origin and solution

The question that everyone asks is why this happens in the system memory in OnePlus and the truth is that there is no explanation for the amount that clarifies it. There are users who say they suffer as soon as they implement an OxygenOS update, meanwhile many others face the problem without having made any changes to the smartphone.

It is not known if this increase in storage space has something to do with the unification between ColorOS and OxygenOS, it is a specific error or not even if a solution is being worked on. The brand has not commented on the matter, while the complaints continue to grow.

After having been analyzing the situation, we can come to the conclusion that there are small solutions that allow to solve the error in a few GB , but there are none that completely eliminate it with it. We recommend in this case and if you suffer from this situation follow this process:

  1. We access the phone app.
  2. As if we were going to call, we dialed: * # 800 #
  3. Click on oneplus logkit
  4. We choose Delete history record and confirm the process.

Another process that achieves an important improvement is the following, although we must be careful not to delete something that we should not. What we do in this case is delete cache files that coexist within the gallery, specifically from the OnePlus recycle bin and therefore elements that we have already deleted from the gallery:

  1. We access the File Manager.
  2. We follow the path: Android> data>> files> recyclebin
  3. We select the folder and delete it completely.

With this we will achieve a relevant step, but after that and if after a while we continue the same, we will have to contact OnePlus customer service who should give us an answer.