OnePlus leaves one of its premium phones without Android Auto

Android Auto problems do not stop, and now it seems that they are affecting one of the OnePlus flagships, the OnePlus 11, which is creating a lot of discontent among its users who cannot use the famous Google app for safe driving.

There are many OnePlus 11 users who have recently complained that Android Auto does not work on their mobile, and the complaints do not stop. Specifically, when they try to connect it by cable it doesn’t work when it did before. It has happened after the update to OxygenOS 13 with Android 13 and in different vehicle models.

OnePlus leaves one of its premium phones without Android Auto

The error affects many people despite trying everything

Those who are having this type of problem on their OnePlus 11 have tried various solutions without success. From clearing the cache of the app, resetting the car screen software, switching to file transfer, restarting the mobile and more. Nothing has worked. They claim to have done it with the manufacturer’s USB cable and other good quality USB cables. Connecting via Bluetooth seems to work fine , even for those people who complain that they can’t connect via cable.

mensaje de error conectar android auto oneplus 11

Although a community expert has assured that they have transferred the complaints because they are already aware of the situation, OnePlus 11 owners are looking for a solution that ends their problem. Some have figured it out, at least for now.

But others have not been so lucky, one has said that it does not happen with another previous mobile model:

I’m in the same boat unfortunately. On my old phone, Android Auto is working. But with Oneplus 11, Android Auto is not working.

Nothing seems to work for many:

Android Auto hardly ever works on my Oneplus 11. Most of the time I get a notification with some options to use the usb. Even when I touch Android Auto, many times it doesn’t work. Other times its home without this notification. So I think it’s not the app or the car, but the phone. Tried different things, put usb debugging, changed usb standard settings to android auto, midi, ptp. But the phone always changes this automatically afterwards.

Solutions that have fixed this problem

A user who has tried it on his Mercedes GLB 2020 has said that the solution is to connect the phone via USB cable when the central screen is completely off. Then you must start your car. You may have to open the driver’s door again to turn it off completely. Of course, if you disconnect the phone during the trip and plug it back in, the message ‘impossible to start Android auto’ or ‘phone not detected’ will appear again.

You have also indicated a workaround by choosing Photo Transfer . To do this, you must connect the phone by cable, validate the error message, display the notifications until you reach one that says the battery is charging and choose photo transfer. You just have to start Android Auto from the screen. It doesn’t know if it works on other car models, although you can try it on yours.


After having contacted OnePlus support, several people have managed to solve their problem in the way that we are going to discuss below, although it must be borne in mind that there are many more for whom it has not helped at all. The solution, which you can check yourself, is to enable developer options, turn on USB debugging, and change the settings to ‘file transfer/Android Auto’.

When will OnePlus fix it?

These solutions have ended the problems of many people when trying to use Android Auto with this high-end OnePlus mobile, however, there are still many people who have already tried everything and still cannot use Android Auto in their car unless let them do it over Bluetooth.

Even though it’s a bug that’s been going on for several weeks, recent complaints keep coming in from people still having it and asking if it hasn’t been fixed already. We are waiting for the OnePlus team to confirm that they are really working on it and to provide a solution to all its users. We don’t know when it will. Most likely it will with a new update. For now, they have not been officially pronounced.