My cell phone turns itself off in my pocket. It's broken?

If you have come this far, it is probably because you are tired of your mobile phone turning off whenever you have it in your pocket, or many times, and you do not know what is happening to it. When you use it it works perfectly, but once it reaches your pocket it turns off, suddenly and without warning.

This can cause you to miss important calls or messages, and you may not realize it until you miss your phone and see that it is not working. What’s going on? Why am I turning off? Stop asking yourself these questions because we try to answer them below, find out if this is one of the causes!

My cell phone turns itself off in my pocket

The battery has run out or does not work

You may think that it had enough battery and that this cannot be the cause, but if you are one of the people who squeeze the most out of it and it does not have enough, it is a possibility. Your mobile may have been unlocked in your pocket and begin to open applications that consume so much battery that if you do not realize it at the moment you will find your mobile turned off.

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The worst thing is what it does while it is unlocked, since it can go so far as to send strange messages or call other people. It could happen accidentally because you touched it in your pocket to check if it was still there or simply because you forgot to lock it at the time. Therefore, check if it is properly locked when you put it in your pocket and do not touch it until you are ready to use it.

It may also be that the battery of your mobile begins to falter and it coincides that it turns off when you carry your mobile in your pocket, or that it is out of calibration, for which reason a change should be considered. Before that, you can try to calibrate it and find out the status of your battery life from the mobile settings or with an application like this one.

If your mobile is so old that it has a removable or old battery , this may be the cause. It may not fit well, cause power cuts or something similar, in which case you either apply home remedies to ‘patch the situation’ even temporarily or you may have to try a new one. The best is the latter.

It got too hot

Another good reason why your phone turns off in your pocket is that it heats up, most likely due to the same situation as above, and that is that it has been unlocked without you noticing and the applications you are using consume so much energy that it ends up overheating . and it turns off . If there are many processes running at the same time, this ends up causing a problem that leads to the shutdown of the mobile. Or for the warmth of the pocket.

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Likewise, it may be the case that it is very hot in the area and the situation worsens in your pocket, or you have not noticed that the mobile is too hot, something more frequent in summer or in very hot climates. Likewise, if you are in a very cold environment , this could be the cause.

You have inadvertently pressed the power off option

It is not the most common thing in the world, nor do we know what can happen in your pocket, but there are some cases in which the mobile phone turns off simply because the power off button has been pressed accidentally . Although for this you have to press the button hard or often, it could happen.

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Most likely, with the mobile phone unlocked, it ends up turning off in some way, such as some mobile setting related to turning off.

It may be in sleep mode

You may think it has turned off when it has actually entered sleep mode, something you can easily check by pressing the power button. If it works again at the moment it is because it has not really been turned off.

It also does not hurt that you check if what has actually happened is that the screen has turned itself off or you have inadvertently turned off the brightness to the maximum to the point where you do not see anything on the screen in the area you are in and you think that your mobile is turned off or does not work.

Failure in the operating system

The problem may be due to a failure of your operating system, due to a lack of an update or because you have just installed a new one that is giving errors. In this case, try upgrading if you haven’t already, or try rolling back to the previous version until the new update is fixed with a patch or enhancement.