Google Play launches new notices: do not install this game on your mobile

Now you will be able to know if the game you want to download works or you will not be able to use it on your mobile with this change in Google Play. It applies to any game or application found on the famous Android store.

The new change we are talking about in Google Play will allow you to improve the performance of your mobile and prevent it from being blocked due to a game malfunctioning, or because it does not work because it has a virus, since it will be able to notify you if an app or game does not work well so you can skip it.

do not install this game on your mobile

You may not download it knowing in advance that it will not work well on your mobile, even if it has good reviews or is from a recognized and official service. Thus, you will not waste time with something that you will not be able to use or that will take up space on your smartphone unnecessarily.

Alerts you if that game or app can give you problems

Google Play has added a warning that tells you if an application is not going to run correctly on your mobile. This notice relates to data from users with a similar device. If an app or game has not worked for other people, and this is widespread, you no longer have to spend valuable time in your life. It may be because of your Android version, hardware, or screen resolution. You no longer have to worry about anything, if the game you want to use is not going to work on your mobile, Google will notify you.

Some users have started to claim that Google Play tells them that ‘recent data from similar devices indicates that this app may stop working on your device ‘. Other people have received similar warnings, so we don’t know what the final message will look like, with other options being given to some people, such as ‘your device is not compatible with this version’ and ‘recent data from similar devices indicates that this application may stop working on your device’.


It can appear with any game or app that does not work well on a mobile like yours, since it has even happened to some user with recognized services such as Instagram.

If it doesn’t work for this number of people, it will notify you

Google Play is reportedly set to measure app or game performance up to a threshold of 8% based on a specific setting. So if it starts to misbehave for 8% or more of users with a similar setup, if you’re viewing it on a smartphone that matches it, you’ll get a warning. What’s more, the visibility of these types of apps or games could be reduced, so that you might not even find it as easily as other people.

Another practical use of the new Google ads is that it will encourage developers to improve apps and games that don’t work on certain phones. They will have more information about which users their creations do not work for and will work on it so as not to scare away new users.

vital core Overall (on all devices) By phone model
User perceived failure rate 1.09% 8%
ANR fee collected by the user 0.47% 8%

It will be necessary to know how the new notices work when they begin to be seen more and to what extent they are precise, or if they incorporate new details to improve them, since only looking at whether the device is similar to yours may not be totally effective. It is possible that at some point this notice will appear, and now you know why it is.