The Oldest Motorola Razr Is Updated to Android 11

Oldest Motorola Razr Is Updated to Android 11

Folding mobiles are gaining more weight on the market. In both book and shell formats, a format in which Motorola pioneered with its Razr . Now this charismatic phone is finally receiving its update to Android 11, the latest version of Google’s operating system for this terminal.

A few months ago we wondered what was happening with the updates to Android 11 of Motorola phones, and the truth is that they were a bit slow, everything must be said. Now it seems that even the brand’s most exclusive mobiles are receiving their well-deserved update.

The Razr of 2019

We are talking about the most classic version of the Razr, the one that was launched back in 2019, before the 5G model that was released last year. Now it is the older version that is receiving the new version of the operating system. This model arrived at the time with Android 9 Pie to the market, later receiving Android 10. Therefore, it is expected that this update to Android 11 is the last system that this model of 2019 receives.

Motorola Razr

At the moment it seems that the update is reaching users of these phones in the United States, but it is logical to think that it will not take long for this update to reach models in all regions . Along with this update we also find the security patch for July 2021. Therefore, the phone is completely updated both in system and in patches.

A charismatic mobile

This phone became the first clamshell phone with a flexible screen, before the Samsung Flip. A phone that undoubtedly surprised by its appearance, although its characteristics are not the most spectacular, even at the time it was launched. Its flexible screen was a 6.2-inch P-OLED , with a resolution of 876 × 2142 pixels, while on the outside there was a 2.7-inch screen with 600 × 800 pixels. A format that has been awarded for its great design and that has undoubtedly become an icon of the industry. Of course, far from being a high-end mobile, this phone came with mid-range features.

Motorola Razr

With a Snapdragon 710 processor , 6GB of RAM or 128GB of internal storage. In addition, the camera had two sensors, one of 16 megapixels and another of depth. While on the outside there was another 5 megapixel. The battery was unusually small for today, with a capacity of only 2510mAh, but that seems it was enough for its performance. Remember that with this format the space for the battery is greatly reduced. If you have this 2019 model, you can receive Android 11 at any time.