Filters for Instagram Stories: How to Download Them

Filters-instagramInstagram stories would not be the same for many if the filters did not exist. They are that complement that give them originality, freshness and in some moments, why not say it, the only reason to use them. But how to get the best, the most original filters for Instagram ? Well, as easy as reading.

Spark AR Studio and the creation of filters for Instagram

Spark AR Studio samples

In August 2019, Facebook launched Spark AR Studio , an application that made available to any interested user all the tools necessary to create their own filters for Instagram.

Through a fairly simple workspace that does not require technical knowledge, Spark AR Studio gives everything necessary to create its own filters . Of course, if you have some knowledge about how computer vision, design or applications such as Adobe Photoshop or 3D modeling work, you can do even more advanced things.

Anyway, we will not continue talking about how it works and all its technical framework, but we will show the most original filters and how to be up to date to have the latest in the latest. For you to be the one to surprise your friends.

How to get and install filters on Instagram

Filtros IG AR

Getting new filters for Instagram is very simple. There are two ways, the first is through the Inspiration section on the Spark AR Studio page. The second is through the application itself. When you go to the stories of any user, if you have used a filter, it appears below its name.

When you click on the name of the filter you will see that a floating menu appears with different options. The one that interests you is to install it, but you will also see others. From left to right you have:

  • Try , which, as the name implies, gives you the option of trying
  • Save effect , to add it as an effect already available to the Instagram camera
  • Send to … to share it as a link with other network users
  • More from here you access the effects explorer, see more effects of the same user or report if you think it is not appropriate (be careful with that, do not go over)

As you can see, the explore function is not completely complete. You have some tags or categories that help filter, but could offer some search engine and would improve. Still, how to have the most original filters? Well, following original creators.

Creators of Instagram filters to keep track of

You already knew what the Instagram filters were, now they also know with which application you can create them, how to install them and how to search them through users who create or use them, but a recommendation with users who create their own filters was missing.

Aaron Jablonski ( @exitsimulation ) has an interesting collection of filters with a very futuristic design and focused on the use of masks. The best thing is that you see their work and values.

Another interesting user is Allan Berger ( @ ultrakawaii4000 ), his filters also have a certain futuristic appearance, with bright eyes and some other characteristic detail such as the pronounced use of brightness.

To not saturate with descriptions and go straight to the point, then other creators who may also be interested in having you controlled. Some like Ommy Akhe have achieved notoriety as a result of their creations, with very personal styles that other creators have later replicated. Sometimes somewhat improved and sometimes simply adapting what they have seen to their preferences.

Other interesting users to obtain original and striking filters:

As you can see, there is a lot of active user creating all kinds of filters for Instagram. There are even games. Yes, all the location and segmentation capabilities offered by computer vision and the use of AI allow you to control a motorcycle that must pick up objects or dodge attack by moving to one side or another by using your own head movements.

So you know, here some of the most interesting proposals, although you can also follow the group of creators of AR filters for Instagram on Facebook to be aware of what they are publishing.