NVIDIA GeForce Experience: New Feature to Optimize Programs

NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a program that is installed on computers (optionally) together with the graphics drivers in Windows and that allow us to configure, adjust and optimize our games automatically according to the computer hardware. Thanks to them, instead of having to spend valuable time getting the graphics ready, the program takes care of it for us. Now, NVIDIA has wanted to make this program even more useful by allowing us not only to optimize our games, but also the programs that we have installed on the PC.

We always talk about configuring games in Windows to work in the best possible way. However, we forget another very important point that can directly affect PC performance: programs. Although many programs do not have configuration options, there are some, especially creative programs or programs with multimedia functions, that can improve their performance thanks to graphics cards. However, these options are generally disabled, or set to automatic, and do not always work.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Starting with the new GeForce Experience 3.22 , users of NVIDIA graphics cards will be able to optimize these programs automatically.

Optimize a program with GeForce Experience 3.22

If we have activated the automatic updates of this program, this new version will have been installed yesterday. If not, we will have to download and install it by hand from its website . In doing so, this program will analyze the games that we have installed on the computer, as always, but now it will also analyze the installed programs, allowing us to optimize and configure all those that are compatible.

Among others, some of the programs that we can optimize with this NVIDIA software are:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • OBS Studio
  • Adobe Substance Designer
  • Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve
  • VLC

GeForce Experience 3.22 - Optimizar apps 1

The options that allow us to activate this program are basically those related to hardware acceleration to perform certain tasks. For example, in the case of Lightroom it allows us to activate the use of the GPU to process and see the changes in the photos much faster, as well as the choice to use the graphics processor. And in the case of VLC , activate hardware decoding natively to take advantage of the virtues of DirectX 11.

GeForce Experience 3.22 - Optimizar apps 2

At the moment the list of compatible programs is somewhat limited, and we miss some programs such as Photoshop, GIMP or Chrome, which also have hardware acceleration. But little by little more programs will come to this tool.

Other changes to GeForce Experience

In addition to the previous novelty, which is the most striking and interesting, NVIDIA has also included other important changes for gamers. For example, the new version 3.22 of this software finally removes from “beta” the ” performance ” panel that allows us to control the operation of the GPU while we play and even make it a little safe and automatic overclock to improve its performance. The latency analyzer, NVIDIA Reflex , has also received a fair share of improvements, and we can now take HDR screenshots with a single click.

In addition, NVIDIA has added support for Freestyle and Ansel to 25 more PC games. And support has also been added to automatically optimize the graphics of 20 new games.

Of course, it has also corrected some errors detected in the program. One of the errors was related to the use of the camera in NVIDIA Broadcast. Various performance issues have also been fixed and the latest software security patches have been applied.