Edge Surfing Minigame – How to Play on Google Chrome

Hidden minigames in web browsers have become one of the most curious Easter eggs that we can find today. These minigames allow us to hang out while we are bored or have lost connection, wherever we are. Normally, these minigames are usually exclusive to each browser. I mean, Chrome has his dinosaur game, while Edge has his surf game . However, this time Microsoft has gone one step further, and has moved to start stealing prominence from the dinosaur game in its own browser.

Microsoft’s surfing game is far more complex than its rival’s dino game. While the Chrome minigame is in black and white, and we only need one key to play (space), the Microsoft game allows us to move on the X and Y axes, in addition to performing other types of activities, choosing different modes of play. game and even upload and compare scores.

Edge Surfing Minigame - How to Play on Google Chrome

To launch it, we just have to download the new Edge based on Chromium , and execute the following command in it:


Juego surf Edge

Obviously, if we type this command in Google Chrome, nothing will happen, since the game is not available in the Google browser. However, if we want to play it, we will be able to do so thanks to this new website that has just seen the light of day.

Microsoft goes for it all: the surfing minigame for Chrome

The company responsible for Edge has just ported the minigame from its browser to a web page. This website, which we can access from the following link, allows us to test this game without using the Microsoft browser. That is, we can play a game of surfing both from Chrome and Firefox , without problems.

Minijuego Surf Lite

Of course, it should be noted that we are not facing the same minigame that we run in Edge. Microsoft has brought us a limited version, ” Surf Lite Edition “, which will allow us to test the game. However, if we want more of it, we will have to use the browser version. For example, the different game modes, the high score table and the Easter eggs are some of the functions that are not available in the web version of this game.

Attracting users to Edge: the dark secret behind Surfing

On the one hand, it’s okay for Microsoft to allow users to test the minigame without putting them through the hoop of their browser. Chrome, for example, does not offer any alternative to play its minigame if it is not from Chrome, or through one of the unofficial clones that exist. Once again, Microsoft is ahead of Google in this regard.

However, creating a “Lite” version exclusively for this website shows a clear intention: to hook users to take them to Edge. If we click on any of the links that appear on the web to go to the full version, we will see a message like the following one.

Minijuego Surf Lite - Abrir Edge

From here, what Microsoft wants is that we go directly to Edge , and although it does not convince us, we have already given it a chance. As the new Edge is already installed by default in all versions of Windows 10, the browser will open automatically (if we allow it) to load the full surfing game.