Not receiving Instagram notifications: how to fix it?

Instagram is one of the most used applications by users today, which is why the app’s notifications are so important for everyone. However, on more than one occasion, we have come across that these message notifications , ‘likes’ or follow-ups, for example, have not arrived (or have arrived late), but we do not know how to solve it. We teach you how to do it.

The importance of Instagram notifications

not receiving Instagram notifications

In fact, the problem of not receiving notifications is becoming more and more common on Instagram; and it is that users, and in a quite common way, tend to report that they do not receive notifications of requests, ‘likes’, comments and direct messages on their devices.

Instagram, for many, is becoming an essential application due to its multiple uses, but for most of them, not receiving these notifications becomes quite complicated to use. Thus, and being made to share photos and videos from our smartphones, the fact of this will cause us to lose a lot of ‘feeling’ with it.

The truth is that, luckily, there is a solution. Whether you have a device with an Android or iOS operating system, you can fix it in a simple and comfortable way as we will show you below. However, it is important that we make sure that all our settings are configured correctly.

How to fix it

It’s more; Among the most common errors reported by users, and that have to do with Instagram notifications, you can find the non-appearance of the icon or, for example, not even in the status bar of our main screen. Therefore, if these do not work, make sure they are enabled on the device.

This will allow, at the same time, because the configuration of these notifications is also verified in the application, as well as in the smartphone itself. Thus, the good news is that there are certain methods that will do so because we can solve the problem. Among the reasons that we can give, is that the app has its own settings that allow us to configure these notices. What if; there are methods beyond restarting the phone itself…

Notificaciones instagram app

  • Reboot your device. As we say, before you start exploring other solutions, try restarting your device. Although it seems like a very simple solution, the truth is that on many occasions it is effective and does not require us to make other configurations.
  • Sign out of your Instagram account. This is another simple solution but logging out of your Instagram account and then back in can get your notifications working again. You can do this by accessing your profile, clicking on the three bars icon at the top and selecting Settings .
  • Update the app . Another common problem with Instagram notifications can be caused by using an old version of Instagram. Therefore, you should check if your app is up to date; if not, the recommendation is that you install the latest version.
  • Turn off ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. Both Android and iPhone devices incorporate modes such as ‘Do not disturb’. On those, when enabled, notification sounds won’t play for do-not-disturb purposes. Or what is the same; notifications will be muted when this mode is enabled. That is why it is important to check if said mode is activated.
  • Check notifications . There is also another way to check Instagram notifications. There are times when certain apps may be muted, and if so, you won’t be able to receive any notices. To fix it, head to Settings , and then Notifications . You will then be able to see all the apps that have such an indication. From here, simply go ahead and tap on the Instagram app; Finally, activate the ‘Allow notification’ function.