How to Speed up Downloads on Android Mobiles

Downloads reach our mobile in many different ways. There may be files that we have to download from an email, a heavy video from platforms such as Wetransfer or a Google Play game. As time is money, we want these downloads to occur as quickly as possible , so we will try to optimize mobile resources to make this happen.

Connections at home are getting faster and faster and data rates are getting bigger and bigger or even infinite. This makes downloading any file from the mobile phone more common than before, since the mobile phones themselves have more internal storage capacity. We are going to see, therefore, the best ways to optimize the downloads we do from the mobile.

Improve download speed

Kill all background processes

When we say all is all, the processes, except the one that obviously interests us to have open, must be closed to optimize the download to the maximum. We can do this by pressing the multitasking button and sliding all open afflictions except the one responsible for downloading , be it Google Play, the browser or any other app. This is because background apps may be using network resources and reducing the width we need to download at maximum speed. By doing so, we will be able to notice a peak of improvement in the download, which will depend on the applications that we have open and running in the background with access to the network.

Your browser has the answer

There are many browsers, but luckily, most integrate a download or navigation optimizer that can optimize this aspect. Web pages are full of images and content that must be downloaded into the cache in order to be viewed. Therefore, by activating these modes we can optimize performance. However, these optimizers will cause some images or web content to load at a lower quality.

ahorro datos navegador

Data and Wi-Fi at the same time

It is an option that is not available on all mobiles, but if so, it will be available within the connectivity settings, we will see a tab that enables browsing and downloads simultaneously with Wi-Fi and data running at the same time . In some terminals such as Samsung‘s, the function only works for downloads from application bazaars, but it is worth activating when data is not a problem, since we will download much faster.

Change data and Wi-Fi

Some adjustments that we can make in the data and Wi-Fi, will allow us to optimize the downloads on our mobile in a matter of seconds. These settings include modifying the network of

  • Mobile data: within the Network Settings, we must check the network to which we are connected. Most current mobiles, even mid-range ones, are already compatible with 5G. We will have to verify if we are under 5G coverage and activate this option to be able to download at maximum speed.
  • Change the frequency of Wi-Fi. If we are at home and relatively close to Wi-Fi, it is best to activate the 5Ghz network to be able to download much faster. If our router supports it, this network will be open and we can connect in the same way we always do, even with the same password. Instantly we will notice a very notable improvement in the speed of the downloads.

movil conecta a router

External enhancer

We can also request the help of a third-party tool, specially designed to make downloads more quickly. Most have their own built-in browser that is precisely optimized for downloads. These download managers are usually more advanced than traditional browsers.