No memory on mobile? 3 ways to get more space

If you are running out of memory on your mobile because it already had little storage or you have so many things on it that you can no longer fit one more photo, we are going to discuss some ways with which you can gain space on your mobile easily.

They are some very simple tips to carry out with which you will gain space to be able to install the apps that interest you, take more photos, receive new content from your friends or make your smartphone a little lighter.

No memory on mobile

Memory cards

If your mobile allows it, since there are some models that do not have expandable memory, you can use a memory card. You just have to choose the one that interests you the most and is compatible with your smartphone, taking into account the maximum storage it can have. You must assess what you are going to need and the budget you have for it, although the more the better.

microSD en un movil

There are a large number of memories that adapt to the needs of all users, in terms of space, brand, prices and characteristics, so you can choose the one that interests you the most. You can also use any microSD or card that you have at home.

Thus, you will not have to spend time deleting photos, videos, uninstalling apps that interest you or giving up anything if you have little storage on your mobile.

Buy cloud storage

A good way to gain memory is to buy cloud storage, since there you can upload the photos and videos that interest you, the largest files and everything that takes up space on your mobile and you can have in the cloud.

Nube de Huawei

You can use free services , such as Google Drive or Google Photos for some of your memories, which also have their own paid version if you want to extend your limits, or other paid services that offer you the maximum guarantees, security and more storage space .

If you work with your mobile or have a business, don’t hesitate to consider this option and look for a service that suits your professional needs.

Free up storage

Another thing you can do is free up storage on your mobile. You don’t have to give up anything you don’t want. You can take the opportunity to clean up by eliminating everything you don’t need, haven’t used for a long time or is bothering your mobile.

You can also transfer files to your laptop or desktop that you want to keep , but don’t refer to your smartphone much. Analyze what you are interested in continuing to have and what you are not.

motorola movill conectado ordenador pc

For example, you can save your vacation photos , videos you’ve made in the last few months, memories of family or past events, recordings of concerts you’ve been to and so on to your computer or an external hard drive.

Thus, everything you save on your computer or hard drive will remain safe and will not take up space on your mobile , since you can delete it from its memory because you already have it somewhere else.

Although you can do the same with a cloud storage service, the advantage of this is that you control your files and also do not have to pay for it.