iPhone 14 camera problem: 'fix it please'

There have been many who have been waiting for the launch of the iPhone 14 to renew their phone and with the arrival of the new generation, in addition to the new dynamic island, relevant changes have been made to its rear lenses, standing out in the iPhone 14 Pro the new addition of 48 Mpx. But not everything is as beautiful as we imagined, because vibration failures are causing real chaos to take advantage of those rear cameras.

There are many complaints that we have come across on social networks and in various forums since the new iPhones were introduced. In some cases it is mentioned as an aspect to solve, but for other people this is a major headache, especially if you use the cameras a lot on Instagram or TikTok, since this is where the serious problem appears.

iPhone 14 camera problem

The iPhone 14 error that spoils everything

Although everything else on the phone may behave as well as it should; its screen has not presented strange color changes for the moment and its battery behaves as expected as in the past generation, phones are increasingly focused on photography and video. This has led many to be unhappy with the purchase, at least for the moment, and have gone to the stores to ask for explanations.

As you will be able to see in the following videos that we share with you on YouTube and Twitter, the experience leaves much to be desired. It is not surprising that among the messages of those affected, please ask them to fix it immediately. Although it is not known for sure where the problem comes from, it seems to fall mainly on the iPhone 14 Pro and, therefore, the fault would focus on the new main lens due to poor optimization.

Continuous focus and optical stabilization not working as it should seem to be the most logical cause. We will have to wait to find out where it really comes from, although at the moment there is no official statement from Apple.

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Chris Ocean
Dear @Snapchat plz fix your camera for iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is what happens when using the front camera. It instantly shakes even when restarting the app. You can actually feel all the cameras working to focus and nothings working. @AppleSupport or @Apple you guys too. https://t.co/BRsyws8pML
September 20, 2022 • 16:00



Thanks to the great community that Apple has, we have been able to collect all this information and be aware that it is not an error that happens on time. Moreover, users have explained that they have tried to restart the smartphone, delete the app and reinstall it to check if it continues to happen and in the units where this situation appears, it happens again continuously.

What should you do if you have the error?

If we have had the misfortune to take home an iPhone 14 in which the cameras vibrate in a crazy way , as in the videos that we have shared, the best thing we can do to quickly correct the camera problem is to make use of the first return days. The store where we bought the phone must be aware of the situation and whenever they have units, proceed to change the device.

iPhone 14 Pro

Not all units are affected and therefore it could be a situation that is repeated on a few smartphones, in our case, for example, we have an iPhone 14 Pro where the cameras work perfectly. When opening the Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat app, where more complaints have been repeated, we do not have any serious problem and we can both take photos and record videos with good sharpness.

Despite everything, the problem is still a mystery and perhaps in the next few days Apple will update iOS 16, correcting the situation in all affected models, so that the camera software that prevents us from using it correctly on social networks stops shaking. that crazy way.