iOS 16 has damaged the screen of your iPhone and perhaps you have not noticed

With each new update for smartphones, we hope that the changes are for the better, although this does not always end up happening. On previous occasions, Apple has already been exposed with errors that have caused much criticism and confusion among all those affected, something that has been repeated with iOS 16 , a version that at least has not left such a bitter taste in the mouth.

On this occasion, the problem that affects iPhones that have been updated with iOS 16 has to do with the screen and specifically with the flashing of the phone . A situation that seemed more than overcome, returns in the form of a bug to spoil the experience of many people, at least those who have noticed that the image does not remain static when we are using the device.

iOS 16 has damaged the screen of your iPhone

If you notice, the screen flickers

It is more than likely that in your case, even if you have an iPhone in your hands for several hours throughout the day, you have not noticed the situation. Blinking, also known as flickering , occurs at breakneck speed, so when we are using the mobile without too much attention, it can be difficult to see it. In the following video that has been shared on social networks, you can look closely and see it more easily.

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anyone facing screen flickering after ios 16 official update on iphone 13? #apple #iphone #iOS16 #ios16bug #iPhone13 #bug #flickering
September 20, 2022 • 16:32



Now it’s time to try it on your iPhone and see if you are one of those affected or luckily, you have been spared. It is not necessary to have the latest model to experience this situation, since it has occurred in different terminals, repeating itself more in the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini. In most cases it is as subtle as we have seen in the previous video, although there are also cases where the situation worsens and there is no way to continue taking advantage of the phone.

The best way to notice this is with the brightness of the iPhone reduced and at the same time typing on the keyboard. Along with the pressing of the keys, we easily find this switching on and off of the panel that does not give us a sensation of speed, much less of overlapping images.

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I updated my iphone se 2020 to ios 16 and i am facing screen flickering issue please help me with it
September 20, 2022 • 16:32



This is the most serious case that we have managed to locate, where more than a flicker, it seems that the phone suffers from screen failures in specific areas. The long threads talking on the internet about what is happening have led several to complain directly to the American company. At the moment, however, there is no official statement clarifying the situation.

iOS 16.1 should bring the solution

It was not surprising to find the occasional problem in a version of the operating system that changes so many things, which is why many people prefer to wait directly for the iOS 16.1 version. Although we continue to have the confidence that the next software that Apple will provide us with, to make us forget what is happening on the screen, we do not have all of them with us.

The first beta version of iOS 16.1 has revealed the annoying problem and that, if not corrected quickly, could mean a longer delay for a problem that in specific cases can make the difference between being happy or angry with the result.