No Man’s Sky Coming to Xbox Game Pass in June

The procedural universe of No Man’s Sky will arrive in the Xbox Game Pass catalog next June as announced by Sean Murray of Hello Games through a publication on the official Xbox blog.

An infinite universe

No Man's Sky Coming to Xbox Game Pass in June

With a somewhat bumpy release back in 2016, the game began its colonization on PS4 and PC, and it wasn’t until 2018 when it launched on Xbox One. But the good work and continuous updates have allowed to create a good community around the game. , so this announcement does nothing but reinforce the good work of Hello Games with a release as ambitious as No Man’s Sky was .

The game can currently be found for 24.99 euros in the Microsoft Store, a price that, although not excessively high, is a good amount to continue evaluating the Xbox Game Pass catalog. The addition will also bring the arrival of the Windows 10 version of the game to the Microsoft Store, thus allowing players to get the title directly from the Microsoft store.

Developer: Hello Games
Price: € 24.99+

Explore worlds accompanied

No Man's Sky Xbox Game Pass

When No Man’s Sky came to Xbox One, the game received a major update that finally allowed multiplayer play with other users. In this way we could organize expeditions to other worlds accompanied by our friends, something that, obviously, can also be done in the version included in the Xbox Game Pass.

Its creators have recalled the past updates for February and April, announced that there is still much to discover, so the game should receive new features sooner or later.

How many people play No Man’s Sky on Xbox One?

That is a good question. There is no doubt that the success of this type of games is based on a user base that allows generating a good community that supports the game, but unfortunately there are no figures on how many Xbox One players take to the skies in No Man’s Sky.

Something they point to is that Xbox Game Pass already has more than 10 million subscribers, so we could see a massive arrival of players on launch day.

When will No Man’s Sky be available for download on Xbox Game Pass?

No Man's Sky Xbox Game Pass

Unfortunately the announcement has not brought with it an exact launch date, since they have only targeted June as the month chosen to update the catalog. We imagine that seeing the traditional Microsoft calendar, the game should arrive between the first and second week of the month, unless they leave it for a second renewal of the catalog as it happened in this month of March with Alan Wake and Minecraft Dungeons.