How to Use Fuji Camera as Webcam: Fujifilm X Webcam, Step by Step Guide

Fujifilm follows Canon’s steps and launches a new software called Fujifilm X Webcam that all users of the brand will like very much. Thanks to it you can use your Fuji camera with all your lenses as a webcam. Which is interesting to improve quality or get more creative results for other uses beyond video calls. And all this using only and exclusively a USB cable. We show you how to do it.

Fujifilm X Webcam

How to Use Fuji Camera as Webcam

In the same way that Canon did, Fuji has also realized the value that it can bring to its users with something as simple as software that is capable of turning their cameras into webcams . An option that with the increase in the use of video calls is very attractive.

It is true that a grabber will always offer advantages, especially high-end models that do not apply any compression or modification to the original video signal. But it is not always an investment that all users are willing to make.

With Fujifilm X Webcam this is solved, you only need a USB cable and a Windows 10 computer, for now there is no version for macOS, to have a high quality webcam. If you are interested, let’s see how to achieve it.

How to use Fujifilm X Webcam

If you want to use Fujifilm X Webcam, the first thing you should know are the minimum requirements to be able to use this new application. To start you have to have a compatible Fuji camera . The models that can take advantage of this new app are: X-H1, X-Pro2, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4 and all GFX series cameras.

The second requirement is to have a computer with a Windows operating system . For macOS there is still no version and it is unknown if there will be. Once you have a camera and a PC, you only need the USB cable, which logically you will also have, and follow these steps:

  1. Download the application by visiting the Fujifilm website or by clicking directly on this link
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and run setup.exe to start installation
  3. Once the process is finished, restart your PC
  4. Now turn on your camera and put it in single or single shooting mode
  5. Go to Camera Settings and in Connection Settings select remote shooting control via USB
  6. From the settings, in the AF menu activate the PRE-AF option if you did not already have it active
  7. You can use both manual and auto focus mode. If you use the second option, from Fuji they recommend AF-S
  8. You can select AF with face or eye tracking
  9. To finish, adjust the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed values (usually 1/50 or 1/60)
  10. Connect the camera to the PC, if you do not recognize it and need the drivers, these are available with the camera itself through the storage unit that is mounted
  11. Done, you already have your Fuji camera ready to function as a webcam

The last step will already depend on the application you are going to use, but in all of them it is more or less the same. What you must do to use your Fuji as a webcam is to go to the settings and in the option to select which camera or video source to use, you choose Fujifilm X Webcam.

As an extra detail, when using the camera you can also take advantage of the different image profiles that Fuji offers and that will give a different look to your photographs. For example, from black and white video to the popular PROVIA, ASTIA, Classical Chrome, etc.

It’s that simple to use your Fuji camera as a webcam. Hopefully other manufacturers will soon be encouraged to launch similar solutions for their products. Especially brands like Sony, where it could be easily done seeing that there is more or less a little trick to achieve it; or Panasonic who have long focused their cameras on the subject of video.