Best Windows-like Linux Distributions

One of the problems that we can find when changing the operating system is that we feel uncomfortable when starting to use the new operating system. Most users, especially those without much computer knowledge, know how to defend themselves by the options and menus in Windows. So when trying a Linux distro , and encountering such a drastic change, many feel overwhelmed and do not know how to continue using the new operating system.

One of the best qualities of Linux operating systems is customization. Thanks to the nature of this operating system, users or developers can completely customize and adapt its appearance. This allows some developers to bet on focusing the nature of their distros in favor of usability, imitating the appearance of Windows, as well as its programs and the rest of the elements of the Microsoft operating system that most users are used to.

Best Windows-like Linux Distributions

Below we are going to see some of the best Linux distros designed to imitate the appearance of Windows .

Best Linux distros similar to Windows

Zorin OS

Zorin OS interfaz

Zorin is one of the most popular distros when it comes to replacing Windows with a system similar to this one. This distribution is designed to bring users the best of Linux (security, stability, privacy and performance) as well as a very intuitive and easy to use desktop, mixing aspects of both Windows and macOS.

Any user who has ever used Windows will have absolutely no problem using Zorin OS and will feel comfortable from the first moment. Also, it comes with a series of programs installed by default to

We can download Zorin OS from its website .

Kubuntu (KDE Plasma)

KDE Plasma - Concepto Windows 7 1

Kubuntu is one of the official Ubuntu-based Canonical distributions. This distro, broadly speaking, may have nothing to do with Windows. However, KDE Plasma, your default desktop (hence the name’s K) is one of the desktops that can best mimic the look of Windows, especially Windows 7.

This desktop mimics wallpaper and effects, such as transparencies, to give the distro a personalized touch. Thanks to these effects, together with its launcher (the equivalent of the start menu), the file explorer and the default KDE Plasma applications (LibreOffice, Krita and Firefox to replace Office, Photoshop and Chrome) it is able to look a lot like Windows .

We can download Kubuntu from the following link . We could also replace Kubuntu with any other KDE Plasma based distro.

Chalet OS

Chalet OS

Chalet OS is a distro based on Xubuntu (with XFCE desktop) which has modifications to adapt its appearance as much as possible to that of Windows Vista and Windows 7. The start menu, the taskbar, the explorer and many other elements are very similar to those of the Microsoft operating system, being a great alternative for those looking for a light, efficient and very simple to use distro.

We can download Chalet OS from its main website . The problem with this distro is that it has been updated since 2016, although being LTS it still receives security patches.


Freespire Linux - 3

Freespire was born as a community-maintained free distro based on the Linspire project. However, this distro has been missing for 10 years, until last 2018, when the community decided to retake the project to offer users a 100% free alternative to Windows.

Thanks to its KDE Plasma desktop we can find a distro very similar to Windows, both in the start menu and in the taskbar as well as in the file explorer and the other elements that make up the distro. It also has a series of totally free programs to replace those that are often used in Windows.

We can download Linspire for free from this link .


Linuxfx Windowsfx - Análisis 10

Linuxfx is probably one of the Linux distros that most blatantly mimics the look of Windows 10. This distro uses a lightweight Cinnamon desktop, which has been designed to look like Windows. From the background to the appearance of the taskbar, the browser and even the applications installed by default (LibreOffice uses the icons and the general appearance of Office) will make many users think that it is an original version of Windows, but with all the advantages that a Linux system brings us.

We can download this Linux distro, also known as Windowsfx, from its repository .

Linux Mint

Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia - Cinnamon

Mint is not focused on imitating the appearance of Windows, since its objective is a different one. However, it does have a very important role in facilitating its use for all types of users. It has a taskbar similar to that of Windows, a start menu and a desktop very similar in many aspects to which we will surely be familiar.

We can download Linux Mint from its main website .



Robolinux, although it is not as aesthetically equal to Windows, wants to become one of the easiest to use. For this, in addition to imitating many aspects of Windows (although adapted in their own way), its developers have included within this distro everything necessary to install and use Windows programs as if they were used in the Microsoft operating system. It even allows us to copy the entire C drive from Windows to Linux, so that the directory tree looks as familiar as possible.

We can download Robolinux from the following link .

Kali Linux

Finally we could not close without talking about Kali Linux. This is not exactly a focused distro for the average user, as its target audience is hackers and security researchers. However, since 2019 this distro has a “Windows mode” called Undercover. This function allows us to convert in a second the appearance of Kali Linux into the classic appearance of Windows 10.

Kali Linux 2019.14 apariencia Windows

Very useful especially not to attract attention if we are going to use the distro in public spaces. We can download Kali Linux from the website of your project .