Nintendo Amusement Park: Opening Date and Attractions

Super Nintendo World

And finally, the Nintendo amusement park is 100% complete and we can already see what some of its best attractions will be like, such as the one that will be the great attraction of the park: Mario Kart in augmented reality. But undoubtedly the best news is that we already know its opening date, and beware that it will be sooner than expected.

An early opening

Against all odds, the new Universal Studios area in Osaka will open earlier than expected. Fighting against the delays in its construction caused by the pandemic, and surprisingly approaching the date despite the situation that continues to be experienced around the world, the new Super Nintendo World will open its doors on February 4 .

This is a fairly fast date, but if we take into account that Nintendo had set the opening for sometime in the spring of 2021 (in Japan the start of the season is between February 2 and 7), it seems that at the final the project has met the dates with extreme accuracy.

First details of the attractions

Super Nintendo World

We had already seen some drone images of the park, but we still did not know its insides, especially those related to the attractions that will give life to the park. Well, Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have shared the first images of the roller coaster inspired by Mario Kart , a traction where we will have to equip ourselves with augmented reality glasses to get points that we will add to our personal scoreboard.

Mario Kart gafas AR

The attraction will consist of two different routes that will give life to two different circuits. The players will ride in a kart for four people and will compete with the rest of the participants equipped with augmented reality glasses. This attraction will be located inside Bowser’s castle, and as you can see in the video recorded by Bloomberg, the interior of the enclosure hides many details and decorations that will make us feel inside the video game.

What about the pandemic?

Super Nintendo World

That is one of the aspects that Bloomberg asks in his article. Apparently, as we have been suspecting for a long time, the amusement park is quite small, so it will be necessary to see how the attendance of the public will be controlled to avoid large crowds (something extremely complicated in an amusement park).

On the other hand, the situation will be complicated in terms of hygiene, since the park will invite you to interact with an infinity of elements, not to mention that to play Mario Kart we will have to put on augmented reality glasses that have previously been used by another person.

These and many other questions continue to generate doubts about the park, but for now we can say that the inauguration is going from strength to strength, and on February 4 they will officially open their doors.