Night Shift: Take Care of Your Eyes When Using Google Chrome

We spend a lot of hours in front of the computer screen , and when we turn our eyes away it is to check the mobile, at least it happens to many. That over time can take its toll if we do not take certain precautions at this time. For this we can use programs or extensions such as Night Shift.

Specifically here we talk about an extension for the Google Chrome browser that will help us take care of the eyes today and thus not suffer the consequences later. In fact, here we are referring to a complement that we are going to use together with one of the programs we use the most today, such as the Internet browser. There are many extensions that improve Google Chrome and its operation, and this is one more.


Advantages of using Night Shift

In this way we have the opportunity to use Night Shift to take care of our eyes a little more. And it is that while many spend a good amount of hours in front of the PC, many of these we do using a browser, whatever. Most likely, these “excesses” that we commit now, take our toll in a few years. Thus, we may encounter certain problems derived from vision , something that we can take care of now.

And is that software developers , aware of all this, are presenting various solutions. These go through the dark mode that will gradually reach most programs and platforms, for example. In addition, we must bear in mind that the greatest damage to the eyesight is when we work with the PC screen at night or in low-light environments. That is precisely where Night Shift comes into play, an extension for the most used browser in the world that can be very helpful.

This is one of those solutions that we have talked about before and that will help us take precautionary measures. Specifically and for us to get an idea, thanks to the use of Night Shift we can make different settings in Chrome . This will help us to further protect our eyesight when using the program, especially when there is low light in the environment.

Configure this extension and take care of your eyes

In this way, once we have downloaded and installed the extension that we talked about in Chrome, we can already put it into operation. To say that it changes the temperature of the color of the tabs that we have open in Chrome. What we actually achieve with this, is to reduce the spectrum of blue light from the screen by pulling more towards warm tones.

To achieve this, we see that next to the address bar a new extension icon is added , where we click to customize it. And is that Night Shift allows you to configure the color temperature by ourselves until you achieve a more suitable environment. This is something that, as we told you, becomes especially important at night. We also have to know what we get by clicking on its icon, where in the Schedule section we find three modes of operation.

The first one is the automatic mode, so Chrome alone will dim the colors in the night hours in which we use the program. We can also turn off the operation of the extension , or customize its use. In this way and thanks to the latest mode, we can set our preferences in this regard by establishing our schedules. In the same way we will have the opportunity to choose the predominant warm color , as well as its intensity.

How to download Night Shift in Chrome

In the event that you have decided to take care of your eyes a little more, you can download and install this extension very easily. To do this, simply download the Night Shift plug-in from this link .

Thus, at that moment this is something that will already be part of the web browser itself so that we can customize its use as we have shown before.