BurnAware Review: Software to Burn CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray

Although they may not be as widespread or used as they were only a few years ago, physical media such as CD or DVD are still very useful. Thus, for its creation and customization, we can choose to use programs like the one we are going to show you, it is BurnAware.

And it must be borne in mind that even in many environments, both professional and domestic, these discs to which we refer are used almost constantly. Thus those who require CDs, DVDs or even Blu-Ray for their day to day, probably also need some dedicated software for their creation. Well, this is precisely what we are going to talk about next.


BurnAware’s own features

Well, for us to get an idea, when we refer to BurnAware , we talk about a complete recording software to create our own CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray . Therefore, this is a program that can be very useful for both home users and professionals.

In this way, all of these will have the opportunity to be able to burn boot discs, audio CDs with music, video DVDs , or multisession discs easily . We may also use these physical media in order to create our own backup copies of all types of data. Thus, for all of this, we can benefit from the many options of BurnAware. And of course, it is not only about recording data on these media and voila, but also includes functions to control errors in the recording.

BurnAware información

At the same time this is a program that has internal control functions for boot configuration, partitions, or UDF versions. In addition, BurnAware allows us to add texts for tracks and discs , data recovery, disk expansion or make use of direct copies. We must also take into account that BurnAware is compatible with the vast majority of current recorders, verify the disc we have created from here, and also has support for multiple sessions.

Get the most out of the application from its interface

As it is easy to imagine, the user interface that we find in this program is essential to make the most of it. Therefore, once we have downloaded and installed the program as such, we will start it to see all the available options. In it we find 4 columns that we can use depending on the type of disc we are going to record.

BurnAware interfaz

This way we can record data, create a multimedia disc , or an image. In the right part of the interface we see another column of utilities that will allow us to see the information of the disk, or to erase its contents, if possible. We must also bear in mind that in each of the options in this window, that button will give us a new configuration and customization window. We can do all this quite simply, even for users without much experience in these lides.

Available versions and how to download BurnAware

First of all, we will tell you that this is a program that has a total of three versions. One of them is free, while we find two other paid commercials: Premium and Professional. These are priced at $ 19.95 and $ 39.95 respectively, where their main difference is the customizable features and support for recording on more or less formats.

Once we have decided to try and use this program, you can do it from the website of the program, specifically from this link .