A Study Shows that the Night Mode of the Mobile Does Not Help to Sleep

For years we have been hearing about the problems caused by the blue light of mobile phones when we go to sleep, making it more difficult to fall asleep. According to the experts, this was due to the fact that the wavelengths could affect our rest through the visual signals due to the activity caused in the brain.

However, technology and studies are becoming more advanced and comprehensive, making this statement a myth of technology. The tool called Night Shift on iPhone and night light on Android phones is in charge, supposedly to prevent our sleep from being retained by blue light, using a warm light filter to prevent all that light from affecting us directly.

The conclusions of the study on night mode and sleep

To carry out the study, the Brigham Young University of Utah in the United States has based its tests on three groups of users among which the difference has been between using the night light mode on mobiles , not using the night light mode and finally in the last group they don’t even use their smartphones before going to sleep.

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With these routines the quality of sleep has been controlled, based on the duration and its phases, as well as the time necessary to be able to sleep. At the end of the study, the group of students and psychology professor Chad Jensen were able to demonstrate that in the entire sample of results , no evidence was found that the night mode of the mobile improves sleep , coinciding with the rest of the groups and Therefore, it has been shown that the mobile does not end sleep or worsens rest.

So should I stop using the night light?

Although the demonstration may seem clear, inviting to stop using the night mode of the mobile , the blue light filter of the mobile phones does not represent any inconvenience for us since it can be programmed and also, it has not been shown for now that it does not reduce the damage to our eyesight, another point that should concern us.

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With this only it is clear that it does not get us to sleep better, but nevertheless the blue light of the screens continues to be an important part of the population’s vision problems according to studies. We will remain attentive to advances in technology to learn how the use of mobile phones changes not only our habits, but also how it affects our health.

Source> BYU