How to Configure a New Xiaomi Mobile Step by Step

Starting to use a new mobile is usually a cause for joy, whether we have been dreaming of getting it for a long time or even if it is a gift. Among the best sellers we find the Xiaomi terminals, where we will have to carry out an initial configuration that is very important if we want not to have problems with the smartphone at the first change.

After having taken it out of the box and having verified that it feels at our fingertips, it will be time to start the steps to configure the Xiaomi smartphone with MIUI . The indications that we are going to give you are valid for both smartphones of the Xiaomi brand, Redmi sub-brand or the Poco firm. All of them use the MIUI layer and that makes the configuration identical in all of them, integrating in many cases with the Android configuration system.

Configure a New Xiaomi Mobile

Steps to complete the configuration of a new Xiaomi

Although for many it can be something “annoying” and that only delays the moment to start using the terminal, take photos or play games on the Xiaomi mobile, the truth is that the initial configuration of the smartphone is something key for any user. For this reason, we invite you to take your smartphone, press the power button for a few seconds and follow the entire process that we are going to explain to you at the same pace on your new terminal.

Add WiFi connection and Google account

The first thing the smartphone will ask us for is the language and once selected we will fully enter the steps of the process. The first and most important is to put the password of the WiFi network to which we are going to connect. Once the smartphone establishes the connection with the WiFi router, it will be time to add our Google account, for now we will only do it with the main account, but later we can add other alternative options. This moment is key, because by linking the Google account with the mobile we are adding an extra protection, by which the phone is linked to the account.

Copy data and applications from your old mobile

Now that the phone is connected to the network and that with the help of our account it has been able to identify the apps that we had installed on our old mobile, we can proceed to the configuration of the data and the apps. Just by tapping on the next screen on the device, the applicable preference data will be added from the previous terminal. If we come from a Xiaomi mobile, the configuration data can be imported to the new Xiaomi, ranging from the do not disturb mode to the sound preferences, but if it is from another manufacturer, only the basic options will be imported.

conifigurar movil xiaomi

As for the applications, a configuration screen will appear where we can choose to copy all the apps that we had or mark them one by one. Our recommendation is to select the essential ones to finish the process quickly and the rest, it will be time to install them manually and configure them little by little.

The time of the SIM card

The next thing that will appear on the screen is the message asking us to insert the SIM card with the help of the spike that comes in the phone box. Once placed, the marker will appear to enter the secret PIN number if we have not previously removed it. Then he will contact our operator to let him know that we are launching mobile and then send an automatic configuration wizard for the APN.

movil y microsd

In some cases they are installed without having to do anything and other times when the mobile is accessible, we will see an SMS from the operator with an installation button to click on. If we prefer, we can skip this process and insert the SIM when everything else is complete.

Launch of Google services

An essential step that we cannot skip as much as we want in the configuration of the new Xiaomi mobile is to accept Google’s terms. These give us access to the company’s services, which range from being able to generate backup copies for our peace of mind, to being able to collect usage data. Some of these data if we can reject them by pressing the blue button and once we have everything ready, you just have to click on “Yes, I accept”.

servicios google nuevo movil

Choose the search engine and configure the Google assistant

The next thing that will appear on the screen is the tool to be able to decide our default search engine, where currently four options appear: Google, Bing, or PrivacyWall. In either case, the process will continue with the wizard’s configuration menu, which will always be used to search Google.

configurar buscador asistente movil nuevo

If we want to use the assistant, we will touch the blue button or otherwise we will touch “Later”. In this process we will have to repeat the phrase “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” up to three times.

Xiaomi Cloud, an added advantage

In the next window that will appear, we will have to accept the terms and permission of Xiaomi to access the possibilities of Xiaomi Cloud. It is Xiaomi’s own cloud , where we will be able to access with an existing account or create one, if we do not have it yet. Once inside the account, we can activate the option to find the device, something that will add an extra recovery option through the Mi Cloud website in case it disappears. If we want more advantages, once the process is completed, we go into Settings> My Account and we can choose to make backup copies of photos or other elements.

xiaomi cloud movil nuevo

Protection and security

Last but not least, the Xiaomi smartphone will ask us to choose our favorite identification system. Whatever it is, it will also require a pattern, pin or password so that if for some reason the main one fails, we can access the smartphone. This will also be the one requested after turning the smartphone off and on. If we want to, we can skip the step and do it later from the settings, but we do not advise it or the phone will be unprotected.

contaseña seguridad xiaomi

What do we do next?

Although after completing all these steps the smartphone will be ready to use as we usually do, we cannot ignore that the apps that have been exported from the previous smartphone will continue to be installed in the notification bar or even the device configuration will be completed. Therefore, it is important that we give it a few minutes of rest and that it remains connected to the WiFi so that the terminal is fully prepared.


We must also look at the battery that the smartphone has available, as it is not advisable to drop below 20% and in the configuration process that we have carried out, as well as in the installation of apps that may be occurring, it will drain the battery more quickly. Using the original charger, we connect the mobile to the power and let the process continue.

Once everything is ready, what our Xiaomi mobile will do is enter the Settings> System application updater . Here we will have at least one app ready to be updated from Xiaomi’s servers because they are our own elements and therefore will never be updated with Google Play.

actualizar aplicaciones movil xiaomi

But we also do not forget to enter Settings> About the phone> MIUI version, to check for new system updates and install them before adding more files to the terminal. The cleaner the updates, the less chance of errors we will have.