The new Windows Terminal 1.11 will make you hate CMD and PowerShell

Windows Terminal 1.11 will

Although Windows is an operating system designed to be used through its graphical interface, it also has its own consoles that allow us to perform certain actions through commands. We are talking about the well-known CMD (the legacy MS-DOS console) and PowerShell (the advanced terminal for controlling Windows). However, these consoles were beginning to become obsolete, both in terms of functions and design, weighing down the evolution of the OS. And so Microsoft decided to unify it all into a new modern program that is easier to maintain, develop, and update. Thus was born Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal is a new open source program, developed by Microsoft, in order to unify all Windows consoles and other Microsoft services. Thanks to it, instead of having to use different programs to work with CMD , PowerShell , the Windows Subsystem for Linux , and even Azure Cloud , we can have all these functions and tools within the same window. And not only that, but to have functions and features, such as tabs, that we could not have otherwise.

Microsoft continues to work on its universal terminal, which will also be the default console for Windows 11. And, thus, the new version 1.11 of this has arrived full of changes, improvements and novelties of all kinds. Let’s see them.

What’s new in Windows Terminal 1.11

The new version 1.11 of this program (still in the testing phase, or “Preview”), continues to improve all aspects of this software. And one of the first novelties that we find in this software is the possibility of activating the acrylic effect (that is, semi-transparency) in the tab bar of the program. In this way, the tab bar will adapt its color based on what is behind it.

Windows Terminal acrylic effect

Another very interesting novelty, and required, by users is the possibility of minimizing the window to the system tray . This function is very useful when we run scripts and we don’t want the window to take up space on the taskbar.

Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to correct the appearance of the text style and the axes and characteristics of the fonts. It has also changed the default behavior of the terminal, and added a new function that allows us to drag and drop directories on the + button of the tab bar to go directly to a specific path.

The functionality of the panel has also been improved , allowing, among other things, to change the location of two panels within tabs, split tabs into new panels, and much more.

Finally, how could it be less, a good number of bugs and errors have also been corrected , and functions that did not finish convincing users have been eliminated, such as dynamically generated profiles, the use of sc and vk and more.

Download the new version and test what’s new

The new Windows Terminal 1.11 is still in the “Preview” phase . This means that, for now, it is only recommended so that the most impatient users can have a first contact with these news, being aware that there may be bugs, errors and problems. If we are one of these users, we can download this new version from the Microsoft Store for free.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

If, on the other hand, we prefer to use the stable version, and avoid problems, we can download the previous version, 1.10, also for free from the Windows store.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

In addition to Windows Terminal, we remember that Microsoft’s operating system still has CMD and PowerShell installed by default.