New Roomba j7 +, the smartest vacuum cleaner that avoids everything

A new robot vacuum cleaner from the iRobot company has just been announced and is available in Spain. We are talking about the Roomba j7 + , a model that brings important improvements compared to previous generations, since it allows a much more personalized management of all the work they do to clean the house. In this way, you can set precisely what you want the device to do at all times and easily through the use of an application.

This is achieved due to the use of Robot Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence technology , which among the particularities it offers is that the team learns each time it performs a cleaning process and, therefore, ends up learning the most efficient way to go. from one side of the house to the other (and even detect areas that are especially compromised by society). This is achieved through a learning process, in which the questions to the user have room, to know their preferences, such as the hours in which it can be activated to clean or the places that are preferred and through which they must always go. . He is even able to start his work when the house is empty, since everyone has gone to work or study.

New Roomba j7 +

In addition, the element recognition system detected by the new Roomba j7 + has been optimized. And, this is especially important for those who have pets at home (POOP guarantee). This is because it is able to detect if there is a “gift” in between and avoid it so that a catastrophe does not happen. Besides, the usual problems that robot vacuum cleaners have with the cables that are in the houses are also things of the past with this model, since it recognizes them without problems and, therefore, they will not get tangled in the different brushes that the device has .

There are novelties even in the design

This model comes with a combination of plastic and metal (black and silver are the colors respectively) that, luckily, leave behind the designs that are classic in this type of accessories. Of course, the circular shape is maintained, since it has been shown for the moment that it is the most suitable to be able to move through the house without having problems with the furniture or other existing elements. In addition, it is important to note that the Roomba j7 + adds a light to work even when everything is dark and the camera that allows you to recognize any obstacle – or to carry out the mapping of the house – passes to the front was much more efficient.

Funcionamiento del Roomba j7+

Another element that has also undergone modifications is the recharging base that has a tank to store various cleaning processes by self- emptying . The fact is that this is somewhat lower, which allows it to be placed in places that were previously impossible (and all this without changing the type of replacement bag to be used).

A host of functions on the Roomba j7 +

As is usual in the new generations of iRobot, many options are included that can be used to adapt the robot vacuum cleaner to the maximum performance. For example, it is now possible to know an estimate of the time it takes to carry out the cleaning that is entrusted to you and, in this way, it is easy to program the moment when you will have freedom to walk around the house. In addition, recommendations are also received when carrying out the mapping and even for executing cleaning jobs.

To this must be added that this device is tremendously silent, something for which a mode called Silent Scrolling is included. This turns off the vacuuming elements and can be run at any time, which is ideal when you receive an unexpected call. And, to all this, we must add the options that are common in this type of equipment, such as scheduling your work or being able to activate the vacuum cleaner remotely, since it does not lack access to the Internet .

Aspirador Roomba j7+ con su base

Purchase of the new Roomba j7 +

The robot vacuum cleaner that we have talked about can now be purchased in Spain in the iRobot store , with a price of 999 euros . In addition, you can also buy a model with somewhat lower performance -since for example it does not have self-draining- but belongs to the same range of products, the Roomba j7. This is cheaper and costs € 749.