Best humor accounts on Twitter: memes, jokes, dark humor and more

The world of social networks brings us many positive aspects in our day-to-day lives. It allows us to be informed of breaking news, we can meet super interesting people or even entertain ourselves for a while reading something funny. And it is precisely to this last theme that we want to dedicate this article today. We’ve compiled some of the funniest accounts on all of Twitter so if you need a high, you can’t stop laughing at their posts.

Humor of all kinds, for everyone

Best humor accounts on Twitter
The truth is that the texts of 280 characters of the social network of the blue bird go a long way. And it is that even with a single image or with a few words they can provoke a fit of laughter. But of course, as in “real life”, there is humor of all kinds on Twitter:

  • Memes
  • Black mood
  • Jokes
  • Criticisms (with and without respect)
  • Smart humour
  • Jokes about football
  • Characters whose simple image makes us smile

This is just a grain in the mountain of the different ways of making humor that we can find on Twitter. And, as can happen to us in our day to day, it is likely that we meet people or accounts in which humor does not fit too much with ours.

We want to clarify this because in the world of social media it is very easy to misrepresent an idea or joke taken out of context, leading to criticism and public lynching. For this reason, and before you decide to comment on a person who has made a joke on the internet, we would like to ask you to respect everyone first and foremost .

Best humor accounts on Twitter

That said, something that is very important nowadays, it is time to make yourself known to these Twitter users with whom you will surely miss a smile at least.

The Best of Twitland ( @MejoresTwits )

The first of the profiles that we want to talk to you about is, in turn, one of the most viral within this social network in relation to the theme of humor. The “Best of Twitland” account contains super funny viral content of all kinds: videos, memes, photos or even super clever phrases. This user is already followed by more than 1.2 million people .

Kim Jong-Un ( @norcoreano )

On the other hand, we have the North Korean account. Here, taking advantage of the serious profile of the North Korean dictator (Kim Jong-Un), he publishes content as if he were this same person but with an ironic, sarcastic tone and, why are we going to lie to each other, quite funny. Although, yes, sometimes it exceeds that line that some users may not be too happy to be joked with certain topics. The North Korean is already followed by almost a million followers through Twitter.

Coronavirus ( @ CoronaVid19 )

If during the confinement you were browsing the social network of the blue bird, we are sure that you came across a tweet from the Coronavirus account at some point. A user who, with an ironic and funny tone, makes posts and answers with the theme of this happy virus.

From photos remembering that, after the summer, we would see each other again, to taking advantage of the crowds of people to insinuate that he is happy. And what do you want us to tell you, even if it is being something that is negatively affecting the health of the country, with his post you have to laugh yes or yes. This account is already followed by 930,000 users on Twitter .

Gerardo Tecé ( @gerardotc )

If you like humor directed at politics, criticism and eloquent comments, you should follow Gerardo Tecé . Already exceeding 600,000 followers within this social network, his humor is directed mainly at political leaders through irony but, without ceasing to say what many of us can come to think.

God ( @diostuitero )

A vision different from that of the Christian God that we all know is the one conveyed by the profile of the Tweeting God . A lover of the politically incorrect, he makes comments with the ironic tone of ecclesiastical references, jokes about football and about politics. Quite a hodgepodge of very, very funny comments, although, yes, sometimes somewhat acidic. This account is followed by more than 580,000 users .

Llourinho ( @Llourinho )

An account that began as a criticism of soccer coach José Mourinho when he was coaching Real Madrid, has become a profile followed by almost half a million lovers of jokes . As you can imagine, the central theme of Llourinho’s comments continues to be the sport of kings.

Anacleto Panceto ( @Xuxipc )

The perfect mix between criticism and laughter could be called Anacleto Panceto . A user with more than 200,000 followers after his publications, whose theme does not leave a headless puppet. We can read him talking about religion, corruption, football, politics and a very long etcetera. This user, the truth, does not mince words.

Miss Puri ( @SenoritaPuri )

Miss Puri’s profile is a bit of images, GIFs, videos and funny comments that will surely make you smile. He is currently about to reach 200,000 followers through the social network of the blue bird.

Super Falete ( @SuperFalete )

We personally love the Super Falete account for the amount of eloquent comments that it releases on a daily basis. Mix a bit of criticism, everyday situations, justice and something else to, whether we want to or not, get a smile. This profile is currently followed by 187,000 people on Twitter.

MALACARA ( @malacarasev )

A true Andalusian who carries our humor, anthem and way of speaking as a flag. Sometimes he may make a little basic joke, but you will still end up laughing after reading him for a while. MALACARA’s profile is followed on this social network by 116,000 people and going up.

Kikolo ( @ kikolo777 )

Another user who does not mince words is the account is Kikolo. Among his posts we can see thousands of GIFs, photos and super nice videos. Although, yes, when he has to criticize something he throws it as he thinks it.