New Features in Edge: a Dictionary and More Password Control

The Redmond-based firm, Microsoft, does not stop working on one of its current flagship products, the Edge browser . Thus, it sends new functions to the program, while improving the existing ones, as we will see again.

We tell you this because, as is now known, the program will finally have functionality with an integrated online dictionary. This is the one that was previously available in the original Microsoft Edge that was released together with Windows 10. On the other hand, we will tell you that Microsoft also seems to be working on a reduced context menu and an improved tool for monitoring passwords .

New Features in Edge

A new menu and dictionary for Edge

This is something the Redmonds are currently testing on the Chromium-based Edge Canary version. Well, if we delve a little more into each of these characteristics mentioned, to say that the first is a new menu of small dimensions. It is worth mentioning that this offers us a customizable experience when it comes to displaying certain important options.

Among these we find the copy function, the search in Bing , or the dictionary that we mentioned before. We will have the possibility to activate this practical functionality in the Settings menu of the program. At the same time and thanks to this small menu, we now know that Edge has also received the new dictionary function.

This means that now we can select and highlight a word and obtain a definition through the Bing search engine. It should be mentioned that this function is not exclusive to web pages. And it is that users will also be able to open a file in PDF format within Edge, and see descriptions of the dictionary in a floating text about the selected words. Once it is enabled, it will no longer be necessary to copy a word and paste it into another tab in order to find its definition on another online platform.

Of course, although the option to activate the small menu already appears in Settings, we still cannot make it work, at least for now.

activar menu pequeño

As we mentioned before, this functionality was added for the first time to the classic Edge in 2019. But later it was eliminated when Microsoft began to bet on the new Edge based on Chromium. In fact Microsoft removed numerous features from the first Edge when it started rebuilding the browser from scratch. However, you are now adding some of them little by little.

Microsoft’s browser improves your security

Changing third, the company is also working on a new password monitor. In the past year 2020 the program was updated with a function that informs users when passwords have been compromised online . This password monitor is able to verify the passwords of the Microsoft account. After that, it informs users when one of them was involved in a third-party data breach.

Well, once we know this, now the company is testing a new feature that will reveal weak and reused passwords across all accounts . This feature is being rolled out in trial versions and its developers believe it will allow users to stay informed about the most basic security standards. Like other password protection functions, this password monitor will allow us to change the password if it is considered weak.