New Camera App and Snapdragon 888 for the Motorola of 2021

Like the rest of the manufacturers, Motorola is already very clear about how its mobile catalog will be in 2021. Renew its camera app and provide its top-of-the-range with the best Qualcomm processor, presented yesterday, there will be two of the keys that give life to future Moto smartphones .

Once 5G connectivity is fully established in 2020, the goal of brands like Motorola in 2021 is to improve the speed and stability of their phones when connecting to these networks using the latest Qualcomm chipset. In the same way, it is committed to a complete renovation of the Moto Camera app so that taking photos or recording videos is more dynamic and simple.

Motorola phones with Snapdragon 888

snapdraogn 888 5g y amanecer

After returning through the big door to the flagship market with its Moto Edge family, the brand warns that it will also integrate the new mobile platform in its devices next year.

In partnership with Qualcomm, Motorola 5G smartphones are now available from more than 100 partners around the world. The new Qualcomm 5G mobile chipset platform raises the bar for 5G experiences on future Lenovo and Motorola devices and is critical to continuing our 5G commitment for all. Looking ahead, we are excited to launch a platform with more powerful experiences in gaming, artificial intelligence and camera technologies that will change the way we work, study and play in today’s world and bring Qualcomm’s advanced mobile platform 800 to the world. moto g family next year.

Although there is no concrete data on the configuration of the Snapdragon 888 , we know that the chipset is capable of capturing photos and videos at 2.7 gigapixels per second, has a Qualcomm Hexagon prepared to improve the AI operations of the phones and boasts a Snadpragon x60 5G modem.

The importance of Moto Camera 3.0

Moto Camera 3.0

Like most Android OEMs, Motorola creates its own camera software to complement its hardware. Camera performance is one of the main differentiators between devices these days, and for this reason the firm has decided to rebuild its camera application from scratch, giving special importance to making it easier for users to capture key moments on everyone’s mobile sizes.

For this reason, Moto Camera 3.0 , which is already present in some Motorola smartphones and will be extended by the new terminals of the firm next year, presents a more modular user interface, so it works well on all devices, from tablets even foldable like the Moto Razr 5G. Controls for features like flash and zoom have been relocated to areas where it makes the most sense, and AI hints are now at the top, where users can easily see when the phone suggests certain shooting modes or detects a specific scene.

Moto Camera 3.0

The interface also changes showing rounded corners and fewer icons, which certainly favors a cleaner appearance with fewer distractions. Camera modes are now at the bottom and users can customize the carousel to give preference to their favorite options.